What A Filter Doesn't Show

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 10:46 -- nikorb


Slumber disguises your blemishes
Crema smooths your skin
Amaro makes you look older
Rise makes you look thin

Ludwig brightens your features
Aden fixes your hair
Perpetua subtly changes your lips
Hudson makes your skin fair

Mayfair hides your wrinkles
Valencia makes your gaze serene
X-pro somehow looks deep
Lo-Fi makes acne unseen

Sierra is suave
Willow is honest
Kelvin is self-assured
Brannan brightens
Earlybird shines
Inkwell is preferred

Hefe says keen
Sutro says calm
Nashville says you're true
Toaster says confident
Walden says caring
But only
No filter
Is you

No filter says you're anxious
Distressing about your life
No filter says you're scared
Amidst your worldly strife

No filter says you're worried
About things that you can't see
No filter says “I'm imperfect”
And that's why
No filter
Is me

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