If I Must Confess


If I must confess

Coffee is not my cup of tea

While in the rain I long to run and be free

At times I envy the birds that take flee

They scatter all around to different scenes

Sometimes my stomach feels as if there are little tiny men

Running around, just waiting to be fed

I’ve been caught in a twisted, messy lie

Where I wanted to do nothing but simply hide

To be quite honest I hate wearing a watch

Because staring at time is like taking a shot of scotch

I hate feeling as if time is escaping from my hands

Unlike others, who go through it like a dance

If I must confess

I can never fall asleep before eleven

I like having tired eyes because then sleeping feels like heaven

I feel it’s okay to cry every once in a while

Because life gets tough throughout every mile

If I must confess

This is me without a filter

Even though exposing myself feels like being inside a twister

But this a side not everyone gets to see

For these are the things that can be used against me


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