little girl inside

dear nicholas and twila,


when i was so much younger

i was sad and often cried

i always felt alone

no matter how hard i tried


i looked at all the people

having fun and making friends

and wondered why they looked at me

through such a negative lens


they told me i was average

nothing special in their eyes

“why don’t you like me?”

that little girl inside cries


i grew a little older

more shy as some would say

afraid to speak to people

scared each and every day


i saw my life as empty

like i was stuck in one dark place

the bus had left without me

i was quickly losing the race


they saw me as defeated

and moved on with larger strides

“wait, come back and find me,”

that little girl inside hides


i continued to retreat

i let the light fade away

but suddenly it reappeared

and said it was there to stay


i looked up and saw the face

of the boy who’d one day steal my heart

he told me he would be my friend

and we’d never be apart


my life became so joyful

God had helped me from above

“i actually have a friend!”

that little girl inside saw love


now a new chapter i saw coming

plans were to be made

preparations for my future

heavy on me they weighed


then one day in winter

into my life came a second friend

through this twilight i was enduring

on her i could depend


roommate, friend, answer to prayer

all above she’d be one day

“i cannot wait to meet you!”

that little girl inside would be okay


now here i am smiling

as happy as can be

i feel God’s presence daily

he is always with me


God, the boy, and the friend

always surround my heart

they teach me new things daily

why couldn’t i have had them from the start


i thank them for their kindness

now i can do more than just survive

“i love you all so dearly,”

that little girl inside is alive


all the love,

hann faith


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