I Am

Who am I?
I am a roiling boiling ocean
Of magma
Lying just beneath the surface
Of an active volcano.
I am emotions:
Good feelings
Relief, caring, compassion,
Bad feelings
Sadness, hurt, hatred,
I am feelings
Caused by poisoned words,
And feelings
Caused by words spoken in love.
I am not
Who I see in the mirror,
I am not
An opposed reflection,
I am what you see
Through the panes in my eyes
When the curtains are open.
I am
My heart,
I am
My mind;
My appearance is an afterthought.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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This is a great poem, I love how you used metaphors to get your message across. It's feelings and ideas- poetry like this- that really show how beautiful you are

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