The Spontaneous Ordinary is I


CE King High School
8540 C E King Parkway, Houston, TX 77044
United States
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Disarmed of all the constructed pride

Once carefully built like a house of cards

The creature flows naked with nothing to hide

Growing tentacles extending towards stars

Unknown and alone even with one of its kind

Drifting through the shadows unnoticeably,

Uncontrollably isolated, repelling the signs of life

The dark creature feeds off of the light

Over-consuming the universe, sympathy is born

Inevitably facing its own expiration date

Becoming aware, he begins to debate

Consume the universe and die

Or die to let the universe survive?

Aging at a constant rate, praying in the storm

Hoping that it is all a dream

The spontaneous awakens

The creature is not spontaneously ordinary

The spontaneous ordinary is the creature


The spontaneous ordinary is I

The dream fades into the darkest alley of my memory

My eyes open, rapidly distinguishing the dark from light

My morals shaped more by sympathy than by empathy

Constantly questioning the wrong from the right

And even though I am considered a nobody

The spontaneous ordinary is I

A character in the midst of entropy

Because the problems our society faces creates who I am

The struggles we overcome makes all that I am

The advancement of technologies, the environments, ideologies, philosophies, and realities

Are all intertwined inside my developing mind, 

The voices grow strong and loud

I am not the unattractive male that walks amongst the crowd

That is the shell that I currently exist in

I am not afraid to step out of bounds,

Because I never will or have fit in

The spontaneous is sudden and unpredictable

Filled with ambition but slowly becoming stagnant

I’m a micro-organism in a larger process, not an individual

I'm exploring, absorbing, creating and dreaming for a meaning

As if there weren’t enough for me on this planet

I am no longer the kid that once wanted to fly, 

Kick the ball, preach, play the guitar, or ride a bike

But I am still passionate about this life

Because the spontaneous ordinary is I.

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