I See Me


I walk the halls, invisible.

I call my friends; no one is home. 

I ask my mom, "I'm busy, dear."

Is there ever anybody really there?


I look at my reflection,

not liking what I see...

When will everyone notice,

when will I be me?


With all the makeup,

with all the clothes,

with all the hair styles,

I am a joke. 


I have my scars 

no one can see,

I have my masks,

I am not me.


Without the face, without the scars,

without the money, without the cars,

I am just me, I am just weak, 

I am just silent, don't say a peep.


I am transparent, you cannot see--

you cannot see, the real me. 


Take off the makeup,

Take off the clothes,

Take off my masks, 

because I know 


I know who I am,

I know I am me,

despite the anger,

despite my pleas. 


I am a daughter,

I am a star,

I am the reflection, 

I am the war.

I help you see,

When will you realize, that this is me?


Take away this feeling, take away the distress, 

take away these bad vibes,

realize that I am the BEST.


Take off the masks, 

take off the clothes,

take off the makeup

I know I am home. 


Look in the mirror,

what do I see?

Look in the mirror

I see...me


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