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As I pose for that picture

My rehearsed smile for cameras appear

My shaped dark brown eyebrows rise

My smile form to a crescent moon

Not too wide but not too small

I tilt my head to a 45 degree angle

I needed everything to be perfect

But what purpose does this fake smile have?


But it does make me look good

I post this picture on Instagram hoping that I would get above 50 likes

And if it doesn't, I delete it

But behind that picture

Nothing is rehearsed

I am a girl

That wants to be considered beautiful while caught off guard

I am a girl

That wants her dad's attention

I am a girl

That wants peace

I am a girl

That wants to be accepted into a college

I am a girl

That has dislikes and likes

I am a girl

That has a personality

I am a girl

That isn't vain but is portrayed as one

In the end

If you ever want to use a picture to describe how beautiful I am

Don't ever use that picture

It's filled with nothing but edited things



Make up

I just want to be considered beautiful

when you know the

unrehearsed me.








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