I have no use for filters

I could not care less about them

If you need one to see yourself

Then who are you without them?


Cary Grant did not need one

He looked sharp in any tone

Elvis did not need one

All a king needs is a throne


My smile is a beam of light 

That a lense would try to hide

My eyes, they tell my story

Reading from my soul inside


Filters do nothing but cover up

What nature intended to show

If not, then the world would look wrong

True beauty, we would never know


The sun is not seen in "Mayfair"

The Alps are not viewed in "Slumber"

So why do we change ourselves?

Just to be popular on Tumblr?


I know this is not the case.

Nothing can improve what is real.

I am the prime example

Of looking exactly how I feel.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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