Regarding Me:


People, in life, learn to see

Themselves just as titles--

Not people or beings.


The possibilities are endless.

Let me name just a few:

The words "nerd" or "jock"

May classify you.

You may be an artist or band geek,

A druggie or prep,

As long as you're classified,

That's what you'll be.

Except all of these titles

Mean nothing to me. 


I am brave, I am quick

With a passion to learn.

I am a teller of stories

Through each twist and turn.

I'm an athlete, a poet,

A lover, a queen.

But to say I am one,

Denies the whole thing.


I am not a mere plaything--

A sight for sore eyes--

For you to pick out your favorites

And hang the rest up to dry.


In a world full of titles,

To be different is wrong

and leaves you

feeling uncomfortable. 


And for my own part,

I only wish to be free.

But you have chosen to limit,

So the limit I must be. 


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