An Insecure Girl #NoFilterScholarship


A filter is an unattractive face covered with a mask

Spraying perfume at the trash

Covering a bad hair with a hat


A filter is what I’m always in need of

Cause without it, I’m the reason why the place stinks up

So I spray my make up on my face to cover it up


Without my filters society ignores me and tease me

They call me all sorts of words intended to displease me

Without my filters I get so lonely

But with them, everybody knows me


Without my filters I am literary a nobody

I’m just an angry ugly beast that no one wants to go near

It’s like I am ill with an infectious disease


It sucks that society shackles me

Even though I hate the idea of being a sheep

I have to be who society wants me to be

For when I remove this filter all my friends becomes my enemies


So allow me to put my make up on before this camera flashes on

Before I get put on trial, judged for not being who society wants

This poem is about: 
Our world


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