I am a body.

A walker, talker, breather, sleeper.

An imperfect liver.

Flawed variously,

Out of proportion.

Not beautiful, slim, perfect.

But still I.

I am a mind.

A thinker, believer, interpreter, learner.

A thoughtful wanderer.

Flitting constantly

In and out of reason

Not all-knowing, all-believing, perfect,

But still I.

I am a soul.

A reacher, feeler, joy seeker,

A kaleidoscopic dreamer

Heavy feeling, passionate.

Plagued by vast emotions.

Not stable, reasonable, perfect.

But still I.

I am a spirit.

A soarer, flier, forever-flier

A fearless freedom fighter

Existing, bounding infinitely

Advancing, constant in motion

Not quiet, submissive, perfect

But stll I.

All still I.

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