Growing up is a scary thing.

As you grow up, you lose everything.

My joy flies out the window.

Now so self conscious, 

My head's always low.

My childhood seems to have disappeared, 

Just like the paint that used to be smeared

On the walls of my room. 

That familiar boom

Of my alarm clock starting to scream. 

"Time to wake up for school."

Oh please don't be a fool. 

I really don't want to wake up. 

And accept that I've grown

And that I've left home

Searching for what life has taken from me. 

I want my childhood back, 

All the pain and regret,

Comes along with the laughter and joy.

I'm not ready to grow up,

And give myself up

To a world of incomplete feeling. 

As you grow up you lose

Family and sometimes friends too

but there's someone more important than that.

There's one person I tossed,

At a very large cost.

Of all the people who left,

I miss myself the most.


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