Contradiction to myself

You take life by storm,
But you do it on other peoples toes.
You love meeting new people,
But you worry what their thoughts are saying about you.
You are the wallflower placed in the crystal vase,
But you hate what is inside.


You glide through lives hopes,

But anxiety consumes you daily.
You are close yourself off from the world,
But you earn for more then what your eyes can see.
You work best when you are alone,
But you love to help the ones around you.

You crave spontaneity,
But like to know a maps nearby.
You are constantly thinking about the future,
But you are caught in the past.
You desire quality time and good conversation,
But fear what could come after.
You find refuge in being alone,
But sometime all you want is someone to call you home.

You can’t help but follow the rules,
But will break them if necessary.
Some would say you’re a perfectionist at best,
But your surroundings would say otherwise.

People see happy
But you see desperation.
You’ll setting trends on lazy days,
But sometimes a sweatshirt is all you want.

You may think you’re crazy
But I see a beautiful mess inside of you.
Your one percent of the population,
I guess that makes you one in a million or one of a kind.

But I like to think that it is just me.


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