We fill our lungs with

We fill our lungs with oxygen we force feed ourselves

telling ourselves it's the lack of knowledge that creates such a brutal field to this world

so we pick ourselves up and carry our limp bodies to the facility that tells us we aren't enough

its brick walls encage us in their hierarchy

we talk about racisim as if we know how minorities feel 

they talk about sexism as if they know what its like to be a woman

we talk about issues we have yet to inform ourselves on

our earth is so tragically beautiful 

yet our world is so utterly ugly 

we slam people down to use as stepping stones

instead of lifting up to grow together

I fear to come to school 

I fear to be in a place where my clothes are more monitored than guns in america

I fear to be in a place where we are only defined as our test scores

I fear

yet get dressed

covering every inch of distraction

and go to a place of fear

a "place of learning"

This poem is about: 
Our world


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