The Realest Thing I've Ever Wrote

Maybe you're proud of me

Who I grew to be

Ingenuity, influenced by your eulogy

Remembering our memories

Like they were movie scenes

We both went through shit

All these people bullshitting me

I admit, I guess I'm fooling myself too

All of this, I just wish I could tell you

They say life moves fast

I never thought that yours

Wouldn't have lasted

The dirt hit me

A casket


I promise I'll let you know when the pain stops

I wish I could run to a place where the rain stops

And everybody is on that it'll get better shit

I'm hearing but not listening

Acting like they're interested

My days get darker

So this liquor gets poured up

I can't bear it when your name gets brought up

I was your girl, I kinda wished you knocked me up

So I could hold our son

And talk you up.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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