From top to Bottom

I’m a sophomore in High School with a brain that never stops,

Ranging from thoughts, ideas and memories I cannot “crop”.

I’m fifteen years old with a mouth that runs from morning to night,

Tongue-tied and babbling about everything in sight.

I’m Irish and Italian with a rage that is set off so quick,

It’s a grenade ready to pop on its seventh tick.

I have long nails that show my stress with a tap,

It sounds like a marathon runner on their final lap.

I have braces and empty spaces where my canine teeth should be,

When I take a picture, my smile is the first thing I see.

Despite all my attempts of trying my best,

I never seem to really pass that test.

My ears are small and have some loss on one side,

My unending fear is I won’t hear what you confide.

My eyes are blue but aren’t as strong,

Pain still comes to me if I’m up for too long.

My long brown hair is my favorite part,

But I still think others is a work of fine art.

The chip on my shoulder gets bigger and bigger,

Every time I hear a laugh or a snicker.

I have many flaws inside and out,

But I still think I’m beautiful without a doubt.

So this is me from top to bottom,

Straight up, no chaser, hashtag NO FILTER.

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