I understand that I'm not alone but,

I am alone, I feel alone.

Even when I’m around people, around my friends, around my family

I feel alone.

Feeling alone is not something I wish feel, but 

It happens, it just happens.

Silent in groups because I feel alone

I don’t talk because I am alone

Not willing to do things because I am alone

It’s not something I want to feel.

It’s something that just happens.

Do people notice that I feel this way?

Or do they think I am just shy?

Or do they just choose to do nothing about it?

I really want to know.

Am I actually alone or is it just myself?

I wish I wasn’t like this, I wish I wasn’t always so alone.

Feeling alone is not something I want to feel,

It just happens.


This poem is about: 



Dont worry, when I wrote this one I was alone but I found help. I got the help I needed to get out of the dark place I was stuck in.

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