The Burden of a Nervous Heart

My heart is racing. 

I check my pulse and count out the rhythm,

One, two… it’s pacing.


Again, I figure I’m over thinking, 


I am surrounded, drowning, and sinking, 


Never satisfied. 

No matter what I hear, or see, or feel, 

My life’s analyzed.


I feel the burden of a nervous heart. 

My sweaty palms are 

Entangled; now, blood from my head departs.


And I cannot rest. 

Sleep’s a prize, an unexpected gift…

Yet my mind protests.


Every day it appears more difficult

Than the day before.

Hour after hour it’s typical.


Nail-biting, goose-bump 

Causing silence. I used to drown in it. 

I will not give up.


How can I ever think I am alone?

With friends, family,

And prayer, I am never on my own.


Ten years, twenty years from now, I project

That my life will be

Successful; with the world I may connect. 


It is not easy.

Worse, miserable days have to exist so

Balance I can see.


Is being quite different or weaker

Really that better

Than being now similar and stronger?


My worries aren’t small.

They’re part of me, my personality.

I embrace it all.


I am grown bigger, towering tall

Over my weaknesses.

I have knocked down the anxiety wall.


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