A recipe for me

Define [Caroline]:

I define myself.

Who I am, who I want to be, what I believe in, what I  like, what I do, who I  love, how I act.

I. am. dynamic.

I am constantly changing, growing, learning, discovering, finding...

I breathe authenticity and love flows through my veins.

As each night passes, new mornings come, different heights and reaches,

I may lose but never lost.

Through fresh hikes, warming chills, sore legs, shutter strapped against my neck,

Through late moonlight, looping lines, stacks and piled up, checks,

With cared kin, pure laughter, silly stories, wide smiles and comforts,

With turned backs, whispers, silence and stares,

In the center, streets, blinking lights, voice out loud, giving,

In sheets and fur, rusty pages, maps, record strumming,

Wishes like stars, hopes on runways, dreams above clouds,

Aiming arrow toward the sun;

As I wander and wonder through winding roads and shortcut paths,

I live a double, swirled life, bittersweet and tart,

Weaving through, up and down,

I am me.

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nice imagery :)

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