The Rawness of Difference


Authentic versions caught on the slip of the tongue,

And as I hum broken syllables caught in a broken lung,
I come off as an oddity within the realm of Normalcy,
Because my struggles to be them, they can never see:

Part of the crowd caught in synergetic buzz from neurons,
That fire properly, but misfire for me, tons
Of times, causing my wording to come off as foreign--
To add to my alienation, they only see my love for men.

I cannot look into the eyes of those who speak to me,
And often times, certain sounds can bring me to my knee,
As I cringe from the heighten screech of decibels so loud,
Or even when I get drained from a giant crowd.

The raw me is covered from the blisters of the costume:
A garment so scratchy, tailored perfectly, so no one can assume
That I am not the same on so many levels:
Neither straight nor neruotypical-- a part of self that never sells.

I am not the cookie-cutout of what a man should be,
And often times I am bound, never free,
From my mind, causing me to be a darkened storm--
But people forget, behind showers, a beautiful day can form.

I am a repetition of days, in order to cope with my scattered thought process
That cause me to freeze, rocking back and forth, until the mess

I am, can reboot, and I’m able to be the friend you knew--
But the fate afterwards is always so cruel:

I become the memory of cognitive dissonance and  my friends frustration,
To never be part of the raw, acrid saturation
Of human nature hidden behind a lock and key,
In the brain, for no one to ever truly see.

And once they witness all that I am when they open my door,
They begin to see how much functionality can be a chore,
Only to never be seen again, when I call out for a hand---
Because no one wants to stray from Normalcy's  island

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This is a beautiful peice of poetry Its full of emotion The world needs more neurodivergent awarness because hardly anyone knowas what that is I didnt until a few days ago but I feeel it is a cause I will stand up for for the rest of my life even if I dont have a personal attachment to the cause.

Im really sorry thatts what you have to go through neurotypical homophobes really suck

The poem flows really well and the rhyme scheme is on point!​

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