Peers judge you behind your back

But they don't know your past

What you build up they break down

They think it's funny being the class clown

Names, slurs, and rumors are spread

These words are the plague which we dread

Throughout many exhausting years

We have cried a countless number of tears

Like an ocean with no shallow end

Drowning in emotion but playing pretend

Every morning feeling like a zoo

With people laughing and pointing fingers at you

We start to build up a defense in a particular way

Slowly day by day

Concrete can be broken just remember

Our emotional barrier is like a fragile snowflake in December

words scramble your thoughts like a radio jammer

But hurt like getting hit with a iron hammer

Breakable like glass falling from a high peak

Emotions not mending because they have been beat

People can already be weak

So just be careful how you speak

                        Written By Braeden Zeitler

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



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