Who I Am

Fri, 05/01/2015 - 22:25 -- emiltee

It took seventeen years to fight for what was mine.

Nearly two decades, battling just to feel alive.

It was all smeared by hypocrisy and hatred,

and now, I understand exactly what I did.


I let myself feel ashamed.

I took the blame.

Now I realize my mistake,

I know why, for years, I felt empty and fake.


I let myself fall in love with their lies,

the idea that self worth was judged by others’ eyes

But now I’ve taken back what was always mine.

I’ve taken back my mind.


I am not what others will define me as,

as no one is, or ever was.

I am utterly me and nothing else,

pure unadulterated bliss.

I define my own happiness.


Years ago, I would have been nothing

without my friends, my intelligence, or my clothing.

I would have been, and was, a sham.

But now? Simple.

I am who I am.

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