"Give in to me," it whispers.

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 22:16 -- Nmoreno

I feel you there, creeping oh so silently

Into my dreams you enter to awaken me oh so violently

In your wakes are my regrets and my vindications

And on my skin your devil's  tongue has left its lacerations

You cling to me and you whisper in my ear

I hid you away from others with my smile yet you are all i seem to hear

"You feign happiness, no it's the smiles of others that you steal,

you would destroy each and everyone if you could, it's no wonder you cannot feel,"

you say to me with your masochistic grin

"You say you are fine yet listen to everything you have let sink in,

Ahem, you undress to impress my dear calm your whoremonal urges,

be mindful of others when you have your selfish splurges,

your apologies mean nothing when you make the same mistakes,

and when you say you will fix yourself do you really have what it takes?

you believed you were doing what was right but you knew well that you were deceiving

so answer me this, Do you really deserve to be grieving?"

You are a constant reminder of what i have done but i will not lose sight

I will face all that i have done until i make it right

I will stand alone if i have to because i know I shall win this fight,

Even if I am my own enemy in this life


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