ABSTRACT #NoFilter Scholarship Slam

Abstract Is what I desire

What I admire

About the world

Loving each other like when boy meets girl

Or when Girl Meets Guy

Love catches the gaze of the inner abstract eye

That many close and never blink

Shut the port that was suppose to sync

Us to the undefinable meaining of life and take us to the brink

of Intimacy

Without the filter, the colored world would be vivid

Filters would take down and make rigid

the beautiful soul and spirit

that would not and could not be contained

within the bodies and confines of our everyday steps today

Because those steps in a world without filters wouldbe toward our ACTUAL dreams

instead of false ones,

Best understand and not reprimand and take the stand and ask the question

Is this my dream I am living, or that of another man? 

Oh how tragic it seems, we live other people dreams

letting them color within our lines

that we did not even craft ourtselves

Tragedy that is defined

by the classical thought of being elevated on a mental plane

that is results in a state of neverending sublime

and in the pursuit of that sublime

many slay

our dreams

our imagination

our abstract

our humanity

in pursuit of happiness

Ironically the sacrifice of the dream

the imagination

the humanity,

is the sacrfice of the abstract and necessary constant variable

That leads to the promsie land Moses never touched

makes our days full and never rushed

Our life fully fulfilled 

Dreams are caught by the inner abstact mind

Which fights rationale, doubt and tries to climb 

to be the victor

Without filters, world would have been the best place

to be worst or best, based off what you want

I mean I guess

that what some people would argue and refute

and I would be ignorant to see their point mute

Without filters, we would have a lot more harm,

But we would have more love

We would have more blood shed,

But tighter bonds that would connect us from here and above

Without filters, there will be greater losses

however greater gains

Without filters we have our Abels

And We will have our Cains

But without filters we are abstract

defined as something without shape

Rules or regulations, society, confines to hold us down

Even as write this I may encounter a poem or two

who may or may not have this similiar point of view

but to be honest, I don't really care about those poems that

say mine is wrong

because I know behind the keyboard there lies a human

so we might get along

or he may be the deepest scum of the Earth

The love and wonder of the world,

is that we are pretty abstract or at least we think

If we removed all those filters, deep down will you be greater or shrink

Could you recognize your own reflection?

More importantly do like the answer to that question?

This is Life and its has one act,

Drama, Action , Comedy or Horror

Your story is defined by the undescrible aura

that makes us all human

makes us all one 

that trenscends our basic commonalities like skin hair cheek and tounge

Abstract is what life would be 

IF filters every decided to RIP

This poem is about: 
Our world
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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful and expressive! Keep writing and sharing! 

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