The Living Trail

Sat, 06/10/2017 - 20:46 -- Mkeith4

As I jog along the lush earth, the flaming ball sets on the horizon, and the morning dew rises as the ice begins to defrost. The Eden garden awakens as the sphere of light rises beyond the early morning sky. The warmth of the light rejuvenates life into the leaves of each branch that ascends off the main body of the tree and brings heat to my frigid core.

The trail blazes in radiance as the sunshine rays reflect off the leaves. An early breeze whispers and dances between the leaves and the birch, I can feel the gentle air press against my cheeks. The trail all together exhales a breath of life as it begins to arise from its slumber.

The bird’s flinger and flock within the trails corridors, the worm makes an appearance from the ground as it struts to leech life from the trails leaves, the squirrels ascend from the burrows of the hills in search of Eden’s fruits. I inspect the beauty of life occur right in front of my own eyes.I notice the trail tremble and flow as if it’s alive and awake listening to the whispers of the wind. The trail; home to the critters of the tree’s and the underground.A perfect picture of life and a beautiful creation by God. The trail remains living and vivid, providing homes to the squirrels, food for the worms and warmth for the birds.

The trail acts as if the critters of the wild are its own. The trail is mother nature’s son sent to nurture the wild and provide fruits for  humanity. It’s a perfect system built to preserve life. A perfect trail for me to run, live and be free while I can.

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