Flickering lights

Sleepless nights

I wonder

When will my home be in sight?

I travel alone

Like a dog to a bone

I search

But never once glance for a phone

What am I looking for?

Maybe just for something more

I travel

Although my legs get quite sore

Never do I stop looking

For comfort, maybe the smelling of cooking

I'm not quite sure

I... I don't remember.

Do i struggle in vain?

Do Others feel the same pain?

i take the pills

So They think me sane

i am a traveling young man, They said

Who isn't quite right in the head

Looking for joy, seeking the happiness

my world can be be dark

i am a-

That's funny. i can't remember.

What is my name?

Do i have fame?

i think i'm a rather lost boy

Who remembers being hit by A Man

i think He's my Father.

my world is not right

i don't remember how to rhyme

And where on earth is my home?

This poem is about: 
Our world



Thanks, I'm tryin'

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