The Person that Hides

Who or what hides beneath the makeup

Or is lost under the facade of clothes

Stripped down to bare skin

Revealing the all natural

A sprinkle of freckles dance

Aimlessly across cheeks flushed with pink

Quickly growing red with embarrassment

A straight line of pearly white teeth

Emerging between soft lips

Small childlike eyes framed by pale skin

Emphasizing the blue greenish pools of color

Floating in white around the black lens

Long brown hair undulating from root to tip

Fading strands of blonde from middle to end

Shaping round cheeks and falling on strong shoulders

Hips carving smooth curves into her sides

With almost ample cushion

Long legs extending seamlessly forever

Emphasized when put into sky high heels

Legs that if slightly more slender would be envied

Words that pour off the tongue

With the pretense of confidence

A heart beating at a nervous pace

Filled with love and compassion

Hoping, wishing, praying

That someday soon there will be love

Not only for others, but for herself

With No Filter


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