The season of opposites

Tom Del Conte

Fall Poem

Dear Fall,

Thankyou for everything,

Thankyou for all,


But most important,


Thankyou for your opposites,

you know?

The ones that lie dormant,

The very opposites unnoticed,

unappreciated because of peoples incompetence.


I’m talking about the mellow greens that transform into vibrant yellows that SCREAM!



They cheer on all of the oranges and reds running about,


But unfortunately…

Their running out,

of stamina.


The vibrant leaves are sprinters as you know,

Only to run along the trail of deciduous trees for a few weeks,

At best.


As compared to the distance leaves,

The many shades of green that run for months on end,

You can see them anytime you like,

unlike the sprinters of fall.


And fall…

I thankyou for those wild yet beautiful sprinters.



You’re the season of opposites,

and I love them all!


Most of the time that is,

But without you,

I don’t know what I would do.


You’re the pioneer of sweater weather,

I always love jumping in your cushions of leaves,

The ones scattered across the yard,

the ones at the bottoms of trees.


Sometimes you scare me,

and give me a cavity or two,

But that’s okay,

I know it’s all in good fun,

And you make it up with the lovely, warm, and cozy holiday of thanksgiving.


Thankyou for friday night lights,

Thankyou for the lovely nights I spend all bundled up with my closest of friends

around a warm, bright, crackling bon’ fire,

making delicious, chocolatey, and marshmellowy s’mores.



I know you’re a bit indecisive at times,

ESPECIALLY with the weather…


Sometimes you get a bit too warm,

So you turn the thermostat down to 30 degrees or so,

And then after you get too chilly,

You crank it up to about 70 degrees!


Hey, sometimes even in the same day,

But that’s okay,

I like the surprise,

And nothing beats the perfect temperature right in the middle,

The infamous weather of sweaters,

A.K.A- sweater sweather.


I know some may not like you,

My buddy fall,

And I’m sorry some may bully you,

Even until winter calls,

But I’ll never bully you fall,

You make time worthwhile,

You’re always there for me,

And your wonderful opposites,

Will always make me smile.



Thankyou for being soo great,

And just being you,

Thankyou for everything,

Thankyou for all,

one of my dearest friends,




Your friend,

Tom Del Conte



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