I can be bossy and loud,

But I’m not asking you to tone me down.

I may be harsh and sarcastic,

But my edges don’t need to be smoothed.


The world has exposed me to so much,

But I have not allowed myself to become saturated in its negativity.

It has sharpened and shifted me,

But in spite of this I am not dull or colorless.

My mind is still open and my eyes still bright,

And the smile on my face shares the same warmth as my heart.


The finer things about me are just as present as the rougher aspects,

And my flaws are no less worthy of acceptance.

You don’t need to crop out my imperfections,

Vignette my portrait so that only the “good” parts are unblurred.

I won’t let you adjust my characteristics to your liking,

Tinting my shadows and highlighting my sweetness.

I won’t let you fade me away

Until I am only reminiscent of what I once was,

The original me edited and filtered out.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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