A Friendless Filter


You disappeared from my life faster than a snap
10 years gone in 10 seconds
I tried to take a screenshot so I'd have you forever
But it disappeared too fast so I guess it's so long see you never
Facebook tells me to write something, but I have nothing left to say
Let me change my old A-I-M status to permanently away
Now I waste my time tapping on a screen making a bird fly
Avoiding every pole and obstacle that I come by
There's 847 emojis, but none of them can describe how I feel
So let's use timehop because it makes the past seem so surreal
You can use every filter on instagram to try and make it look okay
But unfortunately they don't make an app to take the pain away
When I remove my filter I suddenly begin to see 
That people like filters and without one they leave me


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