Selfie without a filter

Sun, 03/01/2015 - 23:29 -- xmilkax


Who am I without any of those filters or fake edits?

Well I am me

I am someone who is naturally beautiful

yet goofy all by my personal line of credit

I am someone with flaws just like anyone else

I break out, have untamed hair, and notice my youth

that's another way on how I impress

I want everyone to see me for who I am

not defined by how the edits make me look like

I want everyone to know that I don't need these edits to define my beauty

I can show the world how my thin eyebrows are a combat

I am someone who is a rebel and promiscuous

of what society says about me, truly

these filters really define how society is

but I do not worry about these filters that people wear

I stand out with my pose structure and expression of bliss

so who are you without any of those filters or fake edits?

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