The Air (I Will Live)


United States
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To dwell on you is to dwell on a knife

Its swift blades cut into me

like the voices in my head

cut into my sanity


You're here and not here

you care and you don't care

you love me and you don't love me

you're not real

Simply put, you're not honest with me


Why do you ignore me

why do you seek me

confuse me

taunt me

make me want you and hate you all at once


Love you?

I don't know if I love you

How can I love you when you frustrate me so much?

How can I be by your side when your barely in my view?


Don't call my name

You don't deserve the satisfaction of knowing it

for you can't even spare a second of your time

to hear me say "Stop!"


I won't cry

I don't cry

I do not want to cry


My tears lie in my heart

for it bleeds

and pleads for me to stop thinking about you


Dead inside

I awaken

Never been touched

never been held

never been desired

Alas I can still breathe

for you are not the air.

My life will not end

simply because I cannot breathe you in.

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