Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Am i a shadwo,a chair or even a doorway?


I am a shadow 

A shadow that has no way,

I am there but people walk through me 

I stand aside,but still trouble follows;

I am shoved from side to side 

No one knows.


I am a chair 

A chair that is being dragged by the carelessness

of the people,

I am fragile 

but no one reliazes;

People stand on me

And it hurts!


I am a doorway,

A doorway which allows the wind

to pass freely

The people are still there;

They walk through me 

I am invisible

But i have feelings;

I cry!!!

                          BY:Rena Boodram







This poem is about: 
Our world


Rena Boodram

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Nice poem🖤
My Dear❤
Keep Up the work🖤

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