Reasons Not To

You say you want to date me, but I think you might hate me

And when you hear what I speak, I think you might just agree

I'll give you 3 reasons, just listen, you'll see

1) I refuse to be your black token, my words are too cleverly spoken, and mind far too awoken

    I'm pretty for a black girl? Your words are revolting, like what in the world do you have to be          smoking

    If that's a compliment, then I must be incompetent, because the last time I checked I wasn't out for your acknowledgment

    I am NOT your acomplishment.

2) I'm a hypocrite like everyone else

    Sorry if you thought I was different, sorry if I ruined your interest, even though I'm really not

    I think of myself as efficient and sometimes magnificent

    even though I'm not all that significant, kinda ignorant, and sometimes bad at commitment

3) I'm honest to a fault (If you haven't noticed), people exalt that my words feel like assault

    I'm just trying to help, I promise. I mean, nobody's flawless or a goddess, so let's just decrease the drama

    I'll always tell you exactly how I feel

    To you, every ordeal I will reveal, I see no reason for it to be concealed

    And while that may not b e to your appeal, and maybe not ideal, I refuse to stop being real.


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