Stop! Think for a moment.

Who are you to tell her what her flaws are?

Do you not see the way her eyes shine with potential?

Or the way her actions represent her beliefs and morals?

Don't you see the beautifully big heart she wears as a badge of honor?

Or the thick skin she walks in everyday even when YOU try to break her down?

The flaws you point out and make fun of are her tiger stripes that she has earned from living life and being brave enough to keep going.

Why doesnt she react? Because she sees you.

She sees the hurt and insecurities that you try so hard to hide by showing hers.

But she is brave. She is strong. She's been through worse. You could your worst and still never get the best of her.

Its you who has her flaws. You are her. You are the one who can't see past your flaws. Step away from the images media gives you, and look in the mirror so you can see what true beauty is. 

Look at your Tiger stripes. You are you. And you are your own kind of beautiful.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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