Inner Midas Touch


Social Media has become our bridge to all else surrounding us,

in the images we post,

the moments we wish to share, 

we allow every individual to enter our personal worlds.

But this bridge is limited to the front gates of our sacred palaces,

and many crevices of this complex place go undiscovered.

Every fragment we choose to release to our realms is specifically measured,

as if rationed to those we connect with,

slowly forming the ideals we wish people to perceive of us.

It's as if we each carry the midas touch,

and instead of creating gold we create filters against everything that comes near us.

But under those filters over quantized moments,

calloused hands,

fixated goals,


and scars again.

Some heal while others do not,

but eventually we proceed with our lives reconstructed stronger and wiser

Eventually we come out of the shadows to those deemed most trusted and deserved.

Eventually we find strength, laughter, and happiness

and we may meet with others carrying presupposed images only to realize they too carry filters.

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