When will they come off?

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 02:48 -- Nemi

Individuality lost with a press of a button

Creativity limited by the boarders of a screen

Beauty eclipsed by filters

An attempt to imitate perfection

Has become the new trend

That brought an end

To what I have held onto so dearly,

To what I have known so clearly,

My identity


Innocence at the verge of corruption

But beyond that stage,

I’m a gladiator fighting her way

Through a maze

Turning left and right

Not knowing what way is right

But willing to take the turn that will get me out of this place

That has become my cage


A cage that has begun to shape my ways

Confusion begins to take its place

Creating a web of lies

Corrupting my mind

It’s time to bring it down

Take away the filters

And let the beauty glitter


This façade of filters over filters

Has become the new trend

That will not be my name

I refuse to continue the game

That will bring an end

To my identity

It’s time to hold on tight

To what is mine


Filters are my castle

They are the walls supporting the lies

Beauty eclipsed by imperfection

No one can see the true pain

The loneliness I disdain

This castle,

This facade I hold on to so dearly

It’s time to bring it down

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