7,275,702,720 - 1

If everything's possible, is it possible for me to be impossible?


I am a paradox

Like a deadly snake, shimmering with drops of blood and the smear of a sunset

Beautiful but poisonous

I am misunderstood

Because I see the moonshine in darkness

Because I see the bruised clouds in daylight

I am different

Igniting on the blackest nights

Bursting into flames despite the storms

I think differently

I’m not like them

The 7,275,702,720 people on this earth


Nobody understands

What it is like to live inside my skin

Not one could know

It’s impossible

To bear my scars

To feel my pain

To walk in my footsteps

Because the human skin can be hard to live in


I am quiet and voiceless, but millions of thoughts stampede in my head

I try to smile, but I cannot leave the comfort of my tears

Life is inexplicable

That’s when,

When those darkest moments are the most beautiful

When the burning tears glitter and glow like stars

When the fusions of nightmares illuminate me

I am a conflicted contradiction

Unable to map my soul

Unable to untangle myself

I will remain

A paradox


Unless I find a way to fix myself

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