My Wish

I wish I could be the pretty girl

The popular one

The one that everybody knows

The one that everyone wants to talk to

The girl everybody wants to hang out with

But no

I'm not the pretty girl

I'm the outgoing one

I' the music freak who no on knows

The girl that barely anyone pays attention to

The girl that boys don't want to talk to

The girl that no one wants to hang out with

I'm me


I'm the music freak

Where the words fail

The music speaks

Lyrics of songs speak my life

When I can't

I'm a dreamer and an explorer

An adventurer and a role model

I am a single light that shines in the night

For those who choose to follow me

But no one has to follow me

If they choose not to

Most don't

And I'm okay with that

I've spent most of my life not following others

And I realized that I don't want to be that person

I want to be my own

I will remain the music freak that I am and

I'm okay with that

Because that's me.


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