The Me Behind Myself

Today it's too easy to get cought up pretending,

You forget yourself and become a clone,

Following the social rules becomes your main concern,

You can't fit in on your own, 

But you have to rediscover yourself.


Break free of your chains,

You created them didn't you?

Don't be afraid to speak your mind,

What you think is beautiful too,

I remember when I finally broke free.


I remembered all the things I used to love,

I found friends that accepted me for me,

A weight was lifted off my shoulders,

There were no constraints on whom I could be,

Real happiness shone through my smile.


I could listen to music I actually liked,

Disagreeing with someone was no longer a crime,

i didn't have to smile if I wasn't alright,

For the first time in a long time,

I found the me behind myself. 


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