My Unforgettable Dream

Sat, 12/27/2014 - 14:06 -- makivka


His eyes took my attention
Those dark sapphire eyes
I want a time extention
Is it a dream or is this love?


His touch made me fragile
When he was handing me a drink
Mystery, you can't imagine
Is it a dream or is this real?


No words were said between us
As we stared into each others' eyes
I wanted to know his name, I must
My heart would run out of time


Dear me! We were in silence
In the world of white and grey
And then there came defiance
Should I leave, or must I stay?


I closed my eyes and looked again
"He's gone, I lost my chance"
I turned around to leave, I see
His hand asking - a dance!


The ceiling as I spun around
Around, was no longer there
I saw the starry sky above
Fate written with a glare


The sound was still and music ended
In the background there was a scream
I looked again where time was lended
And realized, it was a dream.

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