Buried Treasure


Rebecca Harris

No Filter Scholarship Slam

13 February 2015

Buried Treasure

If the world chose who I would be

And I shaped and molded myself into what they wanted, not me

If I used the filters they’ve oh so graciously provided

I would be:

White – because pale skin is in

Skinny and tall - at 5’9 with a bust of 32″, waist of 22″and hips of 33″

Blonde - to go with my snow white skin

Smart but not overly smart

Athletic - to keep my skinny figure

Well Spoken- because verbal flaws are unattractive

And most of all

I’d be FAKE

Underneath the high demands of what the world wants,

There is me.

Black- with light brown skin, the color of mocha coffee

Shorter and not as skinny- at 5’4” with a bust of 36", waist of 29" and hips of 40"

Naturally Brown hair - to match my brown skin

Athletic to a point - cardio is not a friend

I am well spoken, because I like to be, not because I have to be

I am a smart

I am sassy

I am funny

I am full of life

And most of all

I am me

Because in the real world it does rain

and all the filters will eventually be washed away

However underneath is something rare,

something beautiful.

And we don't need the filters on social media to tell us otherwise



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