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People of the world, do not let NATO brainwash and deceive you. NATO is not a peacemaker; it is a combined war machine. This organization cannot bring true peace to the world.
No righteous person would be a politician or a supporter of politics. All earthly governments are in fact satanic organizations. The heartless political leaders of the world are possessed by demons.
You want to speak freely, But you do not want me to do the same. You do evil things to others. And you attempt to muzzle me.   I came to you with love, But you displayed hatred towards me.
Silence came to me. The word was suddenly empty, and the dialogue numb.  I wasn’t sure whether I was in a dream or elsewhere. 
This message is for those who say, “We need a better world.” We cannot have a better world with unrighteous people. A better world can never exist with corruption and deception.  
                                                   Where are You? You must be at war
It is time to lift up the carpet of deception and expose the dirt that you swept under it. We do not care whether you can stand the smell of your own excrement or not.
Someone gave the messenger a message for evil politicians. The messenger has a message for bloodthirsty warmongers. He also has a message for homosexuals and lesbians.
Two   Always two   Just two sides   For you to choose   White or black  
The sun is coming up on this brand new day, a new hope envelops me, like God’s own loving cocoon, how oh how is this possible? With so much death surrounding our very existence.
The world had changed.Nuclear war had seen to that.Two powers fightingAlana wanted to sayone was evil and the othergood… But things weren’t so black and white.
I must stay quiet I must stay still To avoid the enemy's gaze   I must stay here and wait in fear In a dusty, bullet-filled haze   I have my knife ready to fight
Eins Zvei Drei I watch as bullets fly   Vier Fünf Sechs The Bullets make bloody necks   Sieben Acht Neun A body filled and dangerous line  
Many politicians vociferously lie Many politicians either hide or omit the truth Many times, I sit down quietly in a booth
You probably thought I would not speak on the issue of the war between Russia and Ukraine. I have some important points to make in addition to some fair questions.
Everyone agrees that war is cruel   Everyone agrees that war is suicidal Everyone agrees that war brings mortar, anger
WARNING: this one is inspired by stories from victims of WW2 and the Holocaust, so it's a little gory.    We know freedom Like the cockroach knows freedom: Raw, trembling freedom.  
Our brutish bullets' babble Battered this cathedral, Corroded ancient heavens That dawned in its arching dome, Crumbled blue-veined marble, Shattered angels' sorrow, As gods began to groan. 
                                     WarIs where Nobody wins And everybody sins At the unbeautiful bar War is hell on earth
  Engulfed in robes of scarlet, A child ascends the stair. Another in a million follows, Crimson crowns her hair. 
Learn warNo more....Mark Toney © 2018.6/22/2018 - Poetry form: Footle
Haití, Haití, Haití, la Tierra de los MártiresHaití, Haití, la Tierra de los Primeros Libertadores
I see things in silk screens Bearing witness to a haunting scene Fetch the  Force Distraction of horror The Holy Ghost lurks in vindication shadows hold spirits more true
Haiti, Haiti, Haiti, the Land of Martyrs Haiti, Haiti, the Land of Great SlavesHaiti, Haiti, the Land of Ancient BravesThe Oasis that the evil monsters want to betray.
I have seen the tortured minds of my generation rise out of the ashes of   insanity naked in new birthborn of one-night stands to fathers angry at street-level poverty looking for   another damned fix
Broken promises, tolerance, Mixed emotions, stirring anger, Passionate love driven by force... Love- taken by force!
Where does the future lie?i’m afraid someday the future will die.why does the future lieto the race of humanitywho will eventually kill it? 
Frozen to the bone, they could but wait. Five thousand men, knowing not their fate. At 4.45 before the dawn, all heard the dreaded whistles shrill. "1000 yards" they said, "Just a stroll up the hill."  
When you send the boys into battle, Send them if you must. But before you make them go there, Make sure the reasons are just.   If you think there are reasons for going,
Now It’s... “ Food For The Mind “... That DEFINES How My Rhymes... Are Compiled And Designed... And They’re Words For The WISE ... For Those Who Take Time To ABSORB What They Find...
Ya Know It Truly Is... INCREDIBLE... !!! The Effect of Seeing A FlexibLe Woman Who Is... SEXUAL... !!! By This I Mean She's Credible Cos' Her Mind's BEYOND A Vegetable... With A Bod' That's Far From Spherical........ !!!
Well a lifetime slipped right on by Underneath my wing In the space between youth and it's timeless lies A lifetime found its way ahead of me One more time I thought i'd outrun it
it comes and goes  forever
love peace war a cycle of death and hate and love it isnever ending always turning  
"YOU COULD DO BETTER EXPLORE MORE" You know you can do better. Explore more! You are limitless, unstoppable and unlimited.
Looking for Answers And denying events This journey portends So, it begins;   This mixture of love and fear The tireless industry of culture and sin   Sex scandals and race riots
Out among the disappeared Light seems illegal and deviant Eerie and mysteriously still -- The flat-line of desires, The ghost of the former existence Blurred away heat-seeking focus --
The bedraggled child Wails from deep within I yelled for her to stay down
The Countless names of war being spoken KIA, The Countless faces of fear as they washed up on the beach that day, They could not leave fore they were at sea, it was a sea that no one wished to be in,
Folks It Is A ... " Fine Line " ... !!! That CLEARLY DEFINES ... The Road That I Walk With Words That I Rhyme ... Cos' Words That I Talk May See Me In Court ... !!! WITHOUT Sean Or ... " Just Cause " ... !!!
that which produce vibrant laughs from children’s mouths at play so nice and sweet to hear so near somewhere while guns and bullets raucously firing victims somewhere so near in the war fields.
It is time that the international community wake up to the absolute nonsense that the United States has been doing.   The foolish aim of the United States is to control the world with bad influence.  
You May Be Good With LAND... ? But That DOESN’T Mean... That You’re Good With MAN... Or INDEED... WOMAN... !!! Or INDEED Of Course... With... Your Children... !!!
YES ... I Declare WAR ... !!!!! On Those Whose Cause Is YAPPING Jaws ... !!! YAPPING This And... YAPPING That ... !?!
In that moment, her eyes reminded me of the ocean So full of life, and twinkling a light blue So I couldn’t bring myself to disagree With her youthful excitement at the prospect of joining the USAF.
The wars my eyes have seen The bullets emerge from your mouth as you spit and speak Don't shoot, I beg Please surrender This battle is killing me 
The time of prosperity is near to a world that's troubled filled with hate and rage satan is painting the art of war where people are not saying thank you for allowing them to pass by when crossing the street
Makers of lies hate truth, but I shall speak the truth even if it costs me my life. Something is fundamentally wrong with the minds of world leaders. Presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens, all politicians think alike.
Goodbye to my home Goodbye to my land Find the rebellion Hide from the rising sun Hide from the falling snow Try to forget
......... " The Corona Wars " .......... Have Become A Force And That's For SURE ... !!! From Various Shores To People Indoors ... They’re Being Waged All Over The Place ... !!!
I will weep for you as a willow kisses the ground I will hold your hand as I lift the weight of your shoulder Hear my shallow breath count to 10 leave your bags
At War or At Peace Strong Roses Bloom Through Love and Through Hate By AM  King At war or at peace strong hedge roses bloom. They spill their brambles over the rock wall. They climb to frame the open entrance hall.
I celebrate peace with a white petaled rose, As the woes of a long war begins close. Though the principle I did not opposed.   Singing and dancing and ridding my horse,
Countless ideologies arise allies axis  accord not in sight world combats queen and eagle  is the weapon  that beats back the boche
I'm Junubi, A land of black origin with stories to tell A land with blessings and curses as well Junubi is a mother that nurture with passionate tenderness But who cares much on political awareness
  She twirls  Hair in the air Sun gleaming down  Unaware of the  War around her Hate Fighting Violence
Me, a ruined being in agony A traumatized lad with scares all over Is me that the world treated so unfairly And who sought refuge within my home town
I can smell it in the air. I can feel it in my bones There’s death everywhere, it’s sitting on the thrones It’s watching, it’s waiting for you to come near
This is a war i cannot win. I cannot hear myself, above the din. But really, it's all just within.
Gather round me brothers. Look, you out in space. Behold the tiny, blue- green world that bred the human race.
While you are peacefully sleeping, There are people in this world, SCREAMING YELLING, CALLING, Out for help,   While eating a luscious meal, People are tortured, starved, hurt,
P T S D How long have I been doing this for, I got PTSD from the many years lost at war On top of that I buried my skeletons under the bathroom floor
My mom says we have to leave our home to a new special places for Jews like us. I don't really understand what she means. We only get to bring a few things but strange men are yelling at us to hurry up. I decide to bring my giraffe.
Little one, tire no more Sing the song of war Command the hounds at your feet   Soft eyes, cry and cry
 The world is on fire and flooding as well, The most powerful country is going to hell   The princess and prince have stepped down from royalty And rights are debated as if we aren’t dying  
Sunset fades slowly from the sky. Massive blocks of polished stone list the nation's slain. "The Wall" looms stark and grim. An apologetic monument to men who died; in vain?
These Days It Seems Weapons Are Seen ... NOT JUST On Screens But Now In Streets ... Murders Here ... Murders There ... !!! These Days It's CLEAR They FILL Nightmares ... !!!!!
The cannon flashes, the men beside hunker down. Their lives before them. All eighteen and unaware of the weight the cannon holds.  
It's Hard TO FIND Some ... " Peace of Mind " ... !!! When What Surrounds Makes You Feel Down ... !!! MANY Now Try ... Good Old Coc' Lines ... !!! To Ease Their Minds In PRESSURED Times ... !!!
Do you feel alright?Have you had enough?I can't help but think aboutThe way I'm feeling stuck.I really wanna tryTo make you feel alright.Should I have another drink?I've had enough tonight.I know you wantTo feel a certain way.I wanna make you unde
Upon the shores she stood, Eyes searching the deep sea And landing on a piece of driftwood That bobbed where she thought dear uncle may be  
A Report I've Read Today ... Has Left Me Feeling Quite AMAZED ... !!!!!
It's HARD These Days To Fight ... " The Good fight " ... !!! When So MANY Things Are Kept From ... "Sight" ... !!!!!
He says, We will wax this wood,  And Green Grass will Grow, And all will be amazed; They will be saved!
Poor Tony Blair His Job's Been A STRESS ... !!! Well That's A Shame ... !!! If He Wants Sympathy For Stress He Feels ... He's NOT Just STRESSED He's Going INSANE ... !!!
What do we do When war wages wild In our own homes Ten times over And the time to fight Grows ever near?   Do we wait Here in secrecy In the dark, dreary, cold And pathetically distant Land we call our own?   Or do we “begin To solve the problem”?
The world has become harsh and cruel today No sorry or thank you or please or good day! Somewhere right now, women are crying They're crying because their children are dying.
There's barbed wire wrapped, Around my soul. Like puppet strings, That others pull. I march to the beat, Of my family's drum. And fear for my sanity, Which I know is gone. 
This ... Disrespect Thing ... IS ... OUT OF CONTROL ... !!! From Work To Street Corners ... To ... Most Peoples' Homes ... !!! My Poetry Roams ............................. Just Like Mobile Phones ...
War is what people think of when looking over a battle field Flowers wilted Sky Grey Bodies littering the ground Like paper Thrown out and forgotten Waiting to decay  
Peace WON'T Come Without ... EQUALITY ... !!! YES You and Me ! Peace comes from balance look at scales and see ! NOT Electric Scales Don't be a Dummy !!!
Wrathful winds full of rage, Blowing away, Smashing to pieces, The world of ordinary folk. If you were there? When out of sheer innocence, They unlocked the doors to their hearts,
Friday morning, Birds singing like immortality, Cold breeze playing the chorus, Freshwaters dancing in the stream, Branches of the mighty walnut tree, Fluttering on the windows,
Shells flying through tranquil sectors,Men falling like uprooted trees,Bullets shrieking their names,Irrespective of beliefs or nationality.
A long time ago, war was small. War was local, contained. Ares, then the god of war, led the world to fight itself, ingrained hatred in all of humanity.  
Listen up, I don't care. What anyone says. Got a hole in my heart And a hole in my head. You can't convince me, That you meant what you said. When you spoke so softly, By my hospital bed.
Bye-bye baby Watch my armor glow. I've got a war to start. What, you didn't know? I'm a loki's child. Got mischief in my veins. You might play at tag. But war's a harder game.
Any fleeting semblance of reason was lost when the humans hid in isolation beneath the earth. A global putrefaction followed by lawless flames, the few who lived are those that ran, forgetful of their past lives.
You know it seems that through life Propaganda and Lies are fed by those guys who wear corporate ties So ... DON'T be surprised if your life seems contrived
My heads racing, My hearts pounding,   I got nobody in my corner, I got nobody in my corner, My back’s against the wall, 
When they announced a great war   That seemed to be the end Pack your bags— Start the draft— Pray a last time…   Eons, millenia, 
So we marched,  With banners high, and spears below, To bring new lands into the fold. The king commands and we must heed, To quench his neverending greed.
  Let me tell you the story Of a myth not known for glory,  Of an idea that has been forgotten And replaced with something rotten.  
It used to carry daisies Weeds that would tickle my upper thigh Children counted down from ten To play hide-and-go-seek In those tall forest-like weeds Muoi,chiah,tam
Deborah Sampson, you have a courage That we look at now with admiration I would have done the same If they won't let us fight as ourselves We will fight as them I think it would have been glory
Before this pyre we stand my son, Within this hallowed shrine. Gods, let the flames be seen throughout Hispania one last time.  
The world is wary. Soon you will almost certainly face reality- angry accusations and responsibility to choke on. Already the evidence is a slam dunk, and bitter words make for little
Icarus a boy young and bold This pilot's story told  Brave and true he flew Straight through Blood and fright of flight or fight But he flew too high the enemy's guns blazed true
Icarus a boy young and bold This pilot's story told  Brave and true he flew Straight through Blood and fright of flight or fight But he flew too high the enemy's guns blazed true
In our world ..  .. .. If you keep in touch with it,  you can feel others bleed. You can see what they see. It’s not make believe  
Love is not a battleLove is a warThrough heartache and heartbreakYou need to pick yourself up off the floorYou may lose so battlesYou may break so heartBut you must keep on fighting
The sunrises but it cannot be seen the grey in the sky and the smoke in the air She knows its time to say goodbye she holds his hand tightly he shakes to let her go she relases his hand 
I look out into the world and wonder, what the hell happened. I used to live inside a lego house, but now the bricks are melting like a pool of plastic memories.
When I was a child I used to wonder why the veterans in town didn’t like the fireworks on the 4th of July. I thought that’s what they fought for, the freedom to make things go boom.
I do not care for violence Yes, you heard me right But if you hurt a friend of mine Then get ready for a fight   I was raised on stones and firewood With hot coals beneath my feet
These heavy hearted warriors  With medals on their wrists   These sadness stricken gladiators  The world can not resist.                       They fight their daily battles 
“Give me five good reasons,” said my father. “Give me five good reasons to negotiate.” I said: “Nicholas and Thomas, Mickey and Morgan and Andres.”  
“Give me five good reasons,” said my father. “Give me five good reasons to negotiate.” I said: “Nicholas and Thomas, Mickey and Morgan and Andres.”  
Me and the world are holding on to peace like it's 1969 but really though Like a nation at war we are tied What a conceptual terror that is Like a world at peace we are bound
we are given glasses at the beginning of childhood. we are given infinite supply of: laughter. gifts. smiles. once the glasses break we are exposed to reality. infinite supply of: hatred.
I sat like a pigeon with a brain, Curiously wondering about visuals that retain, I spoke no words nor committed deeds; It was all meaningless,
Blackened walls Shattered halls Broken floors Unending wars This is home and there's no atune
The world is at its end, A primal war has begun. Mother Nature’s children are fighting To see who’s the strongest one. Who will win this war?
SheI wake up in my queen bed that i have all to myselfShe​ wakes up on a twin sized cot with a brother on each sideI trudge to the kitchen already complaining about the assortment of cereals my m
(slam poem, meant to be performed out loud)    Too often, their eyes glaze over. Mine did too, before, before I stood in front of the burning bush and begged God to reconsider.
07/20/1945  I could not see the sun setting over the sea  as my windowless cage of armor raced over Bornean sands, but I knew as I loaded my Colt’s magazine with bullets and counted down the miles to the jungle
Scream and angers came into my life Run as fast as you can to survive Blurred vision and smoke in the sky There is nothing I can do but cry   The promise of coming back will be broken in small piece
Scream and angers came into my life Run as fast as you can to survive Blurred vision and smoke in the sky There is nothing I can do but cry   The promise of coming back will be broken in small piece
We grew up differently We grew up like no one else Our childhoods were defined by fear They were defined by terror   We grew up knowing nothing but violence
reach for your ID but be careful not to get gunned down. these streets are feeling like syria now. misinformed gunplay and guns spray in the area. people being divided because they don’t meet the white mans criteria.
. In the ocean of stillness, Is a fragment of truth, That injures the central, And reigns the cardiac. . War in silence, Peace is ephemeral, Of a solo memory, With an extreme feeling.
someone scream when the night falls for me in the West and for you In The East at the moment we both blink   for when we rush  through our safe doors and plunge into stardust
What makes us human? It's not our nationality, Not our ethnicity, Not our complexion, Nor occupation, social stature, Age, gender, religion, body size, hair texture, nor the colour of our eyes. But
In a world where words are the strongest weaponry, Where syllables can tumble down with the power of a tsunami, Drowning is often easier than it should be.    Each word a piercing bullet with a fatal shot, 
I look back on the memories we’ve had sometimes agoWhen life was free for every one of us, both young and oldWhen hiding in dilapidated buildings wasn’t a survival techniqueAnd death was from nature, not a man-made epidemic
You wouldn’t want to know, What happened that night. The fires had come and gone, Burning all the forests down. Landslides in the hills and mountains, A tsunami that had come from the ocean.
Stamped Denied.By: Fabiola Rios 
An almost beautiful death... Misunderstood friend was uplifted like missiles. The unexpected gameplay... Uncompromised evil; Angles of vision ere skewed. O' un-salvaged rectitude...
Your eagle stands proud, Crowing over these brown rubies sprawled. But my boy's in a shroud   Everyone has bowed, Neglecting their duties while their wounds remained raw. Your eagle stands proud.
There's been ample bloodshed, There's been plenty of death. They've had enough pillage, They've had enough breath.   They've taken my childhood,  One I didn't get the chance to know.
Anxiety stirs my stomach like a lost ship at sea.  I have no control  which way the wind is blowing. I'm alone.   You were mean it was kind. 
I'd trade all my dollars to plant flowers and trees in a world where money has become a disease.
I In angry lines they crawl along the road The blood and sweat drenching their worn soles, Their barracks built with bullet holes Now walk the soiled highways home
It was just the fall of October when the skies were still sleepy The sun had pulled its blankets, yet the naked trees looked creepy Amongst the golden rays lies a mysterious yet recognizable shadow
Do you know how  scary it really isTo see a child begging for a mother’s kissBut you don't have the guts to tell him the newsHe'll never get it all be
When I was little I was the most antisocial butterfly. Poetry helped me express myself. My greatest weakness is but one I don't like seeing people hurting, you see So I will do my best to make people smile.
A few decades ago, there existed Die Wunderbare Republik, Everyone lived peacefully and no problems came about, Everything was perfect, symmetrical, and organized.  
  The fields bloody, The corpses unmoving, Hope shattered, Pain as if blooming.. Is this what’s left?
There is a stillness. A sense of calm as one takes steps through these grounds. A soft, pitter-patter of steps against soil that resonate with the steps taken by those that came before.
Iram, Lost Iram Lost, alone, and wandered scars Scrutinizing time Thunders rise and soon take flight Tinted skies with essence sighs  
With golden locks of lace I waltz around this town This is no modern palace This is my old home town   The people pass me by And whisper to themselves Am I the man that used to cry
To presidents and leaders I give this poem life In hopes that you would read it And end all of these fights   Our continents are fading as our families fall apart I ask that you find wisdom 
They hunt us down like cattle Beseech our brittle bones But this is just the battle Our war is still at home   My family is in danger And I haven’t heard a word I’m seated next to strangers 
i am deep in a forest;  disoriented.  my vision blurs with tears, my legs buckle and I crawl hands and knees,  through mud and thickets, my skin shredded by thorns, sweat running down my back.
The King of Ash I am the King of Ash, And the King of Ash is me. All around, The scorched ground, Tells of  awful travesty.   Embers crackle underfoot,
I was taught to free my mind I was taught to leave my pain behind I was taught to travel to a different time Without ever leaving my room behind I was taught to be free In which it helped with my anxiety
Two months gone and the students gone – Douglas, I only repeat what you were saying, Or was it combatants? As Britten, a la Owen, would contest, A baritone and a tenor locked in mortal combat,
My heart is heavy. It is a bomb planted inside me, Ready to explode within the walls of my chest.     My chest is tight. My lungs fail me.
  Home... It was a typical day. The same people taking their daily walks and the same children playing. Their smiles precious, but unfortunately temporary.
Who told you it was over ? I'm in peace but can't stay sober When we meet , you greet the makeover How was the 300 day sleepover? Not so glad you asked, covered ass,burning trash My peers was in class
When I think of the world I'm afraid to look at what it has become. People struggle through the darkness that has risen all through out the pastures of their very land.
Handfuls of hair tugged tight,Kids crying out in fright,Do they know this is why people cry at night?People thinking they are always in the right,
Wake up! Can you see? They're falling down on their knees, Lying on the ground with blood falling down their cheeks.   Listen up! Are you deaf? From a distance, you can hear them.
I enlisted when I was a boy, for I saw no open doors, Through fear of bombs, of going wrong, I stepped into the war, In 1917 I joined, I strolled into the trenches ad mud,
I would not Stop For Freedom. But it proudly fought for me.  Through the fields of foreign lands, And across the raging seas. In the valley of uncharted territory.  Or the land just beneath our feet.
men cry of victory; though comrades have died. Heaven watches in horror; while children die by the knife. thousands are dying; and husband kills wife. i fell to my knees;
Who is the victor when both sides had suffered casualties? Death looms the streets/and the ground is full with bodies that were far too young.  Bodies that were too small to carry a M16 are now covered in dirt never again to be seen. 
I’m an ambitious man. A tool of destiny, a puppet of fate, transcending all of humanity. Cunning and charismatic, I seek
She screamed down from the heavens with the power of god beneath her wings“I will fear no evil, for God is with meI will fear no danger, for God is with me
Chin up soldier For love is war Because our hearts and mind can not align Is this what we need? Love is war  
We battle our masters with laughter that shatters the perception of contrasting stature.   A giggle is a stave through the heart of catastrouphy.  But we hide behined tears, 
The Sun’s light dapples through broken bark, Its golden proclamations settling upon the dark. The Earth’s vibrations tickle no toes; thorns of a rose
look what can you see? these men shooting at me and us shooting at them on both sides we are dying   oh look, i’m shot at i’m bleeding and calling for my mommy lying on my side
dear mindless zombies also known as society why do we not learn? from our history   following through the commands blindly because of the sly speeches in germany in 1993 till today
Patchwork stitching stars in the sky: Blue, green, indigo, violet. Thread is scarce so you have to use mine.
  I do not decide who I am, for who I am is decided by another Some may think I strive to harm, but some may see me as their brother.
And so the shot went off, The ringing in my head When will this nightmare stop? My friends, all left for dead  
We live here in the earth, deep in soil, blood red in clay and skin cresting the sky, we inhale. We are young; Face coated in oil and litter, fumes halo our head
Hatred and brutality make up our personalities, Endless wars and fighting brings nothing but insanity, They explain it as fidelity, define it as loyalty, But is killing your neighbors truly an act of audacity?  
Dear atoms,Connection and explosion is the name of your gameIs that not the same of those you occupy?Molecule after molecule of swe
It’s just a silly little game; Like chess. We’ll move, then they’ll move. We’ll dance in circles until one of us gets too dizzy to continue. The last pawn will eventually fall.
January 29, 2018     Dear all those who love me,   It sits there menacingly, waiting It’s come back around, and it’s ready for a fight I’ve prepared my armor…my guns
Face flat -  cold cement Strings that hold - strings that break All the things that you said- Meaningless.   Yet.We defy. Nature. The odds. Authority. We fly. We soar. We breathe. We die.
I stumbled upon the leaves wires just underneath meant for me tied to the mine indeed. He watched me the whole time
I've risen up from the bottom I’ve free fallen from the top I'm down to earth But the free fall never stopped I was eventually battered by the waves
Dear World Leaders, The pulse of the sun beat mercilessly.Thrumming against parched skinAnd holding hostage tufts of airStifled in their bosoms.
They said you died in the war that wasn't yours. They said you fought a fight you didn't start. They said you fought hard not to fight
killing sword grasped in killed hand
Moonlight streaked Through the rocket smoke Like blood rinsed through A butcher shop drain. And just like that They silence the disposable For we are merely a resource for warmongers. All around
Dear Mr. Trump, The art of the deal? Well I can see the appeal. But the things that you spout- I can't beleive that they're real. It's like being first in mario kart, and then slipping on a peel.
We got the fire From dusk till dawn Ours is such that Can change the world We have the fire And we burn forever As long as we are together Dilemmas are a thing of the past.
He strips He strips me naked Strips my filmy pink Strips me in the daylight Strips my skin And cutInto two Three Four 56And wipe the tears Knife sharpened the tongue.
Pure white blankets the city Egg shells waiting to be walked on Red coats the street with muzzles to silence anyone who dare to crack
       Roman march on the world By A.R.T  They come from the boot of the world Clad in iron and mail bearing the sigil of the wolf
He holds his head high As he marches on to war Ready to go home
Once sacred bodies thrown promiscuosly about, Angels and Demons reside within the same house. Here lies a soldier, Here lies a clown. One missing its arms, One missing its frown. Here lies a Princess,
One I am young Terribly alone. I know life Death, despair, fear. Fatuous superficiality cast Over an abyss of sorrow. The first bombardment Showed my mistake.
Tell me about the time Where the moon was the only light that earth needed To guide it’s nocturnal creatures, Where it’s inhabitants did not rely on the exhausts of human devices To color the sky;
Among the leaves Blows a somber breeze Alone and silent The moon glows with a vacant stare Into the fallen trees  Salient and precarious, sunken into the trail
Dear World, I made a choice, I chose a chance A chance for freedom freedom for all For immigrants, for natives For love, no hatred. Hatred is a weapon A weapon I will not use.
Hear Me Earth Your actions have Consequences   Hear Me Earth Appendages ripping at one Another  
I sing of oppression Hate and war. I cry out in depression Fear and shame I dream of a day when we can fly away
He can only see what he remembersHe can only rememberThat which he wishes to forget
I was standing in a river gently flowing, the fish were nibbling my toes right below me.  The breeze on my face was so soothing, it felt as if I had nothing worth proving.  The singing of birds was music to my ears, draining my sorrow and relinqui
The horn calls The sky falls The wind blows With the sun aglow The soldiers toiled in their plight The bird on the trees took head and took flight Violence for ages, sun up till sundown
Blood shed of thousands just for millions. The torturous battle cry of machinery. The weeping calls of the beloved in one's ear. This is war.
Paradoxical timeline, however, It’s not a dream
Can you hear me now? As I call out into the silence shattering the illusion of peace only to refill the space with the weeping of the mourning, and groaning of the dead, the screaming of the innocent
Hands placed on a unclean slate. Clans faced off and deaths happening at a unreal rate.Bodies lay quietly upon the ground, shoddy warn down knives all around.
When sons no longer raise swords against their father. Who can stand? When truth arises out of her well. Who can stand? When the downtrodden are lifted. Who can stand? When the huddled masses embrace.
I wish to paint your carcass black, Show you all the dark thoughts I've ever had. I wish to tear you limb from limb, Use my anger To show you the pain I'm in.  
The bruises and scars I received for sixteen years define me. I am broken and damaged almost beyond repair, my hopeful heart was shattered into a million pieces.
You are the ones,  Who defend.    You are the ones,  Who protect.    Be honored,  Young or old.    No matter what war,  For you, we respect.   
The Chinese flag, deserted on the ground,             Bodies littered, blood seeping into the earth, And with no innocent life to be found,             Lay the cities, without a single warm hearth,
Every single human being knows this art Every since we picked up a weapon and fought There is always a victor who fought for what he wanted
"Once upon a time..."   The land is dark, the moon is bright. One love, one hope, one heart. They join hands; black, white, yellow, green And pray for restoration of Earth.
The Princess and the Peace By Sophia de Castro   Once upon a time, There was a princess Who dreamt of the day she would sleep peacefully, Unbothered by the peas underneath her mattress.  
Slip, over moss and leaves, Over the land that breathes, I am the Serpent,
So much is different,Happiness is such an expensive rent, You expect me to be calm,To apply over these wounds a healing balm?
It is the will of few men,That many must die,Petty feuds to mend,And boys in graves to lie, 
I. Heavens flicker and take fire. The Earth takes its final breath Trembling, Stained, Defiled. Dreams gained with certain loss
Dear Babe Confidentially, I'm tired   19 years old Damn country Fight for and die if need be  
This is War, They said as they dropped drones onto villages and killed grandma who was picking vegetables from her garden, This is War,
Sleeping Beauty slept her life away. Dreaming of a day where she could just go away  Eternally.  Finally awoke after a long needed slumber.
United in our hatred The presedent seems tasteless We want a better future  Don't want to be complacent   But the world seems to be burning Every day is concerning The War around the corner
This world is inhibited with cruelty and vengeance Where they gather today to reside the reminiscence.   We are our own oblivion, shattering ourselves with the knowledge of nothingness. Death awaits-
Dear feminists.   I'm sorry for your losses, you tried hard. But despite all your efforts to rule the world, you are still a slave. Just like me. Every black man, white man, and woman of every race.
To the slaves of freedom.
People should listen to Auden, He had it right. Children play in fields of red poppies, Not knowing when they'll see the light. Keith was effective until We became accustomed to death.
I hold the gun in my handsits pointed towards innocenceI can't control my thoughtswhen and why did it come to this?
A long voyage to undertake embarks Sailing ships through waters tumble and rough Veiled mystique takes hold of shipmen’s hearts Arrows try to end the war before it starts
The trumpets of remembrance call to me from their deep and dark slumber, they arise, calling out to anyone who cares to hear their lonely desperate song falling upon deaf ears,
The soft whisper of a butterfly wing  And the hushed conversation of the rustling grass Call me to the garden swing, Where I can reminisce about my past.   I watch the evening sky transform
Father’s Eyes   
my body might not be strong enough to be a shield but my mind is undeniably a sword my voice summons me to the forefront and the world is my battlefield—
This war we're fighting is more important than we know, It more than simply being 'rebels' or 'feeling the flow' It's about making a world filled with hope. It's more than words on page, Than going through a phase,
I was the final descendant, the last of my kind.   Our bones were built of bread, our enemies in tiny Bits in our bellies, their taste bitter.  
Flowers made for war. A bullet for my sweetheart. I do kind things, These wonderful sweet things, But I want to see you bleed. Arousal from your torment, And a smile for your pain.
Love. Thats it. The answer, the way. If only everyone thought that today. If only love was at the frontlines of war, There would be peace, and violence no more. If only love was the greater message.
Twenty one point three. Twenty one point three million. Twenty one point three million refugees Half of which aren’t even eighteen, Forced from home simply because,
My dear little flower, Bloom, keep on blooming, And never stop. For the rain will flood. For the wind will break. For the earth will crumble. For the clouds will darken. For the fire will burn.
Why? Why do we hope for peace when people die and people bleed? Why? Why even mention the word when people continue to let this more forward? Why let this happen? Why let them die? Why start a war with guy against guy?
Join and fight, join to die. Join to paint, a blood-red sky. The artists are the infantry, The archers black a sky to see, The flames, the art, Troy to dust While Hektors sword gives way to lust,
Man made of fire, Passion to fight. Arrow through his heart, Yet he refuses to die. As stubborn as the light in his eyes
We came to this new world scared, we came in the cold of night lost, oppressed, and we left our handprints and footprints on every soil and water way
A dangerously beautiful display Of wild devotion and the will to act Has moved the souls of tiny men today To change the world, to make a Faustian pact: They paid for freedom, each their own, it seems,
drowning in blood thicker than mud spilling out pain nothing to gain It’s starting to rain no place is left dry
Chained Whipped Bleed   Trapped in unwritten rules   Glance Peek
History repeats itself like a broken a record. 200,000 years living together as a race, but yet our society is stuck on hate. Stuck on hate. Stuck on hate.
At 7:30 Every morning, In robotic voices, We pledge our loyalty to our country. Are our voices robotic Because of repetition?
We left our hearts  to live in our heads. It was supposed to get easier but compassion is dead. Driven by money and heavy with pain; The blood on the ground runs in each of our veins.
My America is red; Cherry lemonade by the side of a pool In the summer of my childhood Lips stained with sugary popsicles and fresh watermelon.   It is red like Coca Cola; The kind from glass bottles
Oh say can’t you see Ms. Liberty? You should be bending down on your knees, bending over backwards,   Begging Please   Begging that your babies stop being shot in the streets
If the colors stay true America will roll through Through thick and thin America has been   On gloomy nights and disastrous mornings we challenged evil  and fought mischief when we could
Free, free, free  They all want to be But what is the cost? We bleed red, white and blue, but crimson runs the thickest and disppears in one swig  Death by hunger, death by war, death by the pig 
from the steps of lewis and clark  to the marches of those fighting  war of 1812, mexican american 1846 civil war 1861 the boats of immigrants wanting better life
“Oh say! can you see By the dawn’s early light.” A land of inequities, And people cowering in fright. Masses of refugees Come home to this sight.
Guns don't help American society.  Need Less bomds, less guns, more aid.  Soical plans only help America.   
Rising and falling History on repeat  Bombs and endless wars We all must always compete Fighting to the death Living to the brink Fathers holding guns Mothers burying sons
Ode to the State   Ode to the love and to the hate   Ode to the world that we make   To the skies of gray
From then to today  the flag that stood so tall in the sky, held by the weight of more than just the soldiers that grasped it the soldiers that fought so hard, so much 
As I sat in my chair one evening fair,  with my family sitting there without a care. I heard a blare from Satan's layer, to come and snare my right to heir. My family heard it too, what to do? is this a demon come for you?
It started in football, the first time you were noticed. “Number 64 is pretty good!” people said in the sidelines. I would smile because I knew that.
We raise the best soldiers And make the biggest bombs We carry their caskets on our shoulders While we continue the war on Islam But it provides income for stockholders So the Government tells us to stay calm
How lucky she may be, to be in love. He sits in front of the stop sign Inactive, senses numb. Fighting for a country, flag on his back Completely shunned. He, she, and the flag all stitched together by Non-existent wind.
It’s time to stop chasing the money, cars, clothes and society’s materialistic goals. There is no stability in those nor Kim’s big fat homes. Why not within your means? Then you will see there’s more to be Than on TV.
"Make America Great Again!" It's the slogan we all hear.  "Americans are full of hate!" from the mouths of people that live here. Many years of suffering and depression. And all for what?
Father and daughter Mother and son Torn at the dining room table Food and words flying about sPewed in every direction with no true target The streets are littered with insults and hate  
About half past noon, Before I Climbed through that Door of your's, Events beyond our control Forced their way through Gateways to other Homelands.   I sat, Just waiting,
The sad part is how easy it would be to just give it all up. To forget the work to forget the dream the sweat the blood  the tears.   It is a matter of will they say
I sit here alone in the dark staring out the window counting fading stars waiting. Waiting for dreams that will never come true Waitig for promises to be pursued 
A walk through Washington D.C. would be incomplete Without a stop at a trickling fountain - The object of a thousand dreams And pennies flicked up high, Like the work of our forefathers
American War The ruins of war has a disgusting face It grows more horrendous at a steady pace Putting the guns down will not help in this case Because this war, is the war of race      
Remember, Remember how America was great although there was terror Remember the Roosevelts and Honest Abe, what they contributed and oh, how they were aware
Question one. How did Nazi Germany rise to power? A) Religion B) Scapegoating C) Nationalism D) All of the above.  
This country is united but not under God, you're blind if you think this country isnt flawed. We have troops dying left and right, people dont say a word, People dont see the real picture, the real picture is blurred.
I felt the moist air Kiss my cheek As all of my limbs Grew so very weak  Looking around Watching flowers die In the meadow Where I lie 
America flies, but we need to soar. We strive for higher, but pull ourselves down. We look to the left; we look to the right, When the answer is meet in the middle.  
  Faces facing forward, Focus Fixated on the Flag. God Bless America, Land of the Free and those Good-for-Nothing Mexican Scumbags.   Hand over Heart, Hand over Ears, over Eyes,
Die for your country it's your duty kid no? communist. are you not ready to die  are you not willing to kill it's the american way cut your hair before you go
tired soldiers  giving up?  it's not over  so keep your chin up  breath deeply; calm yourself  it's not always easy  make this one count  find peace; no matter how fleeting 
cigarettes hanging from empty mouths.my hands are shaking and my corpse is God. the raindrops sound like the bombsthat ring in our ears and tear us apart.  those ruins and picture framescoated with ash 
Everyday I fight a war. I get up without the guarantee of seeing you. I go to school without you to make it bearable. I smile without you to make it real. I laugh without you to make it full.
I stood bare foot up first words whisper, to adapt I must adopt. An image no more a minority to the wide spread hatred we call war.
Is the head of the spear to blame for the stab?  is the shaft of the arrow not hollow; but full of dread?  Is the sword of a warrior not as blood thirsty as it's master?  is the stone the fault of the sling or the caster?  a battle axe, though anc
Live We Breath  i Wont Live Everything is crazy and we're not dead yet. Sitting on trash as our polluted sun sets. breath is rare and skin is dim... oh, what will we do when our water runs thin?
I see a future. But the future is not of me. The future is of others whose lives I see as they go by
W: We A: Are R: Retaliating   We are tired of seeing our kind shed blood.
I am a part of Generation Z and amending society   I wonder what waits for me after this inaguration I hear voices in protest and anger
War is hell. People die, gasping for breath, Struggling to survive, The things they carried on their backs weigh them down like chains, Drowning them. They drown in regret, They drown in sorrow,
We fight to win we fight to win We close our eyes We stop our ears We shout to shout Not to convince or tell a truth We fight to win we fight to win
In this lifeHesitation, anger, worryIn this lifeFear, confusion, warIn this lifeThese regrets run wildDestroying everythingIn this lifeThere are things called dreamsIn this life
I once was able to breathe To see the world To go outside and smile   Now I pray to stop To close my eyes And stay in my room and suffer   The healing is slow But I try
Mother you promised me With pinkies and wallahi’s and everything in between You promised we would be free   Every day I wake up wanting to flee With soundtracks of bombs and screams foreseen
Why do I feel distressed? For my opulence, Luxury or success.   Look,  I did nothing wrong I was born,
Ripples of a Third World Heartbreak My eyes will open And I will see the vibrant yellow paint that has coated the walls of my room
And the war rages on… The men line the field, standing as straight as a tree They stretch, on forever, as far as the eye can see.
They wiped me off every night after going out to fight. To clean off the dry blood from a 30-year old. Or maybe he was 15. They all start to look the same after a while. They wiped and wiped as hard as they could,
When the music hits my ears I think of time with you When the words reach me from the page I smile at the thoughts When the pictures of the past stare at me I can’t help but love  
The world anticipates the new year to forget what has gone past but in 2016 we had many firsts and certainly many lasts   Now we came into the year expecting a fresh start
The dust settled, The battle was over, I had won the war.   Hundreds of corpses lay on the ground, Blood ran in rivers, But I had won the war.   Gun smoke hung in the air,
What has become of this wretched world? Spiteful jealously, countless wars, Muderous hate killing innocent love Many crimes taken out by two-faced criminals The world, driven to destruction and chaos
there's been another tragedy, tragedy It's happened on the news, it's happened on social media, but people have refused have refused to help, have refused to believe, that things are happening and it's not meant to be,
You hang around the living room And lay around the bedroom. And you run through small, tiny, microscopic parts of my body,
I was a soldier whose name was not knownI walked onto the battlefield, where no man roamed.I looked out to see what else existed.And I saw another who
II looked up and saw a solemn darkness with muted stars that dotted the face of the sky like freckles (nary a constellation in sight!).
A year in my life, Filled with struggles and strife. And no lyrical incantation, To properly exaplain my situation. So I'll say with a fife, There is boredom in my life.
War and Peace…  A dynamic dichotomy  Though Peacemaker and Warrior  Require equal audacity  God bless the Peacemaker  Whose enlightened vision  For the preservation of Humanity 
high in the sky vermillion dye clouds burst into flame chaos uncontained   chase the wind, kiss the sun time forgives the past done rain refuses to touch head
Don't shoot the messenger Unless she's a woman Don't shoot the mesenger  Unless her skin has become an invitation They scream at her She knows they're just words That couldn't be possibly understood
Into the sky it goes, with its fiery tail behind it- the loud noise of its roar.   then, it stops, to then floar amongst the stars, with a great gentleness and calm.
A lone girl holds her mother’s hand “What are they doing? We have done nothing wrong.” The next things her mother said were sung in a lullaby song--
  In love, an infatuation, as deep and rich as love can ever get… but I couldn’t make any words come out. I had trouble breathing.
I dream one long, dark night a dream where darkness has overcome the light.   It's a nightmare In a funnel where I cannot seem to get out of
A Strangers Bravery   There is so much pain and suffering, For a land that should be free, So much death and anguish,
  To make a boy a soldier Give him a uniform and gun. Tell him living is a sin, And to curse the wise who run.
The sky growls angrily And makes the world dim Roaring through the shaky Earth Casting war below him   The inky waves under the reigning sky collide and crash
Color blind Living lifeTryna findPeaceFighting warsBleeding redUnder the shimmering seaMy brotherIn blackIn white
It starts with a feeling, the pinprick before the stab. Imagine a box. Stored in it are the most pessimistically intense feelings.
Morning has broken the sky is brokenLiving day to day with words left unspokenEating away because we aren't awokenFeeling like our efforts are in vain, they are token  
Society can't heal to humanity we're just profanity everything is vanity and no one has sanity. But when my ink touches the paper crease, I am assured of some peace. 
I'm stuck. I'm stuck in the middle. In the middle of a fight I never wanted part of. A fight that shouldn't involve me, but it does.   I hear the yelling and threats and oral abuse.
Where roses meet asphaltWither. Rot. Mold. Asphyxiate.Here lie collapsed towersHeat. Lost. Combustion. Timber.Angels fallen trumpet loudAshes. Feathers. Triumph. Lore.Time runs ever odd
I hear birds chirping, As the sun hits my face. The sight of fireflies glowing, This is something that can't be replaced.   Who would know we are at war?
I say a prayer for the departing warrior, Departing for lands whose soil is littered with landmines, To fight a war he doesn’t understand, To possibly die in a country he couldn’t care less about
The best part of my day is dawn. I feel the least pain then; but then I hear footfalls, “Clung clung clung” down the hallway. My pain approaches; the commencement of terror.
Thee look’d out the window with nay more light. A plague; gray ash, dust, and woe filled the sky. When the smoke cleared, all was lost in the fight, And marry from thee my strength rose up high.
The smell of blood invades my nose every morning around dawn and we were not woken up quietly. My eyes opened wide to the sounds of screams penetrating my eardrums.
Immediately Stop The War On Our Planet !!! Stop All Production Of Military Products !!! Our Planet Is Very Small Our Planet Is a Very Unique And Beautiful Our Planet For Children For a Peaceful Life
Over where the family sits and enjoys the company they share;Sweet melodies are sung by flowers of the past:the horrors that happened there.Unknowingly they carry on-not one asks what occurred.
Sepia With water stains Yellowed paper Tied with thin string Black and white Photographs Taken years ago Smiles and stern Dispositions Peer out From a window
bomb rhymes with mom but my mom is a bomb-- ticking away from the things that she saw. you would never think and I had never thought that my mom would get caught in government claws
Zoom! The bullet slid past his arm,  Boom!  His men collapsed to the ground. He trudged on through the sand like a starving scavenger snake.The American Flag shown over his weary arm.
We conquered and we conquered with ideals of manifest destiny ringing in our ears thoughts of salvation we brought with ourselves only to leave behind cries of devastation and fear,
A jumble of thoughts Bunch of nonsense Meaningless atoms Combined into ashes An infinite void Of blinding black Of looming white Everything explodes Into beautiful nothing
Searching, yearning, hoping For an answer besides war. A war being fought All for one. Constant if's and possibilities unknown being done All for one. Lives being threatened behind the shadows
I plant my feet slowly and reach out all around Fingertips brushing up against the thoughts in my head They seem to scream but my lips are bound Shushing them, I see my mind was mislead  
The spark of one Became the flame of many Trailing through city to city Clouded eyes, unjust hearts This type of blaze is a painful art One by one the trees burn down
Darkness stood in the fathomless night Black but for the artillery shells exploding against the sky. Silent but for the steel stinging through the air. Whole boys, whole companies,
You've only hit me once Across the face with an open palm It wasn’t that bad, What hurt worse was the betrayal You had never hit me before
This sword holds no power, unless you have courage, The nearest pinpoint strike; blood shed for its own purpose Once a battle ends, the scene is left in ruins Wishing that it never had to be a part of—
It’s what my mind’s set on now What I wished but never came true And now a silent prayer to all For the rain to cease, and for the sun to shine.   I’ll pack and unpack this bag yet again
What twists of fate could bind thou here, in a hopeless path of loss Danger lurks here, to thrive in one’s fears; lost souls listen not to the bells
Dear dad,
It's not that I don't want to be in a relationship. I do. I want to call someone 'baby' or maybe I'll settle for 'noob' because i was never really affectionate when it mattered.
I used to think it was normal To cry for three hours about nothing. That it was normal To think about dying at least once a day.
Tell me,  What do you see as the end of the world? Will we cook ourselves in the toxins we've unleashed into the air? Will we poison our food and water with fuel spills? Will we kill ourselves in war?
Corruption, Corruption everywhere Want to know more, just ask the Blairs Not in power anymore, still alot to answer for. IRAQ WAR !
I was adopted the same day my eyes peeled Open to the world  My birth mother cried tears of joy onto my head My new parents took me that night  And I meet with my birth mother regularly
  You’re a hero in all the sticky crimson lies. Aren’t you proud soldier? Forever stained with back-home grateful eyes. Where’s this so called ‘danger’ you saved us from?
Sometimes it is easier to smile, To tell everyone lies, Rather than the problems we hide. I know 'cause I've been there, In many ways I still am. So then why on earth do I participate
Oh, such a brightly coloured white with a mane just as bright That stallion is a strong and beautiful sight The commander's dear horse, it did rear Half from shock of the kick, half from fear
Bloodshed and horror, Syria is a disaster Peace and aid, nothing could come faster Mothers and fathers can only cope Brothers and sisters can only hope
As children, we trembled before our closets darkness night fell, like a deep black crushed velvet shade being draped over our world,
She's drowning in a sea of shadows   The world fades away   The only thing in her tear streaked eyes   Is his dying face
Hidden Beauty |~Taylor Freeman~| Losing someone is extremely difficult. But when they are close to someone so young that’s the worst. Our father was killed in war;
What is War? Another word, That creates despair in the world. Men take, their last breath,  And head to their death. What is War?   The heartbreaks,  That it makes. 
What can you tell me?Is this the land of the free?If I enter a store,Will you search me all o’re?   It’s okay, I understand.To your fear,I fear,I have lent a hand.  
Missing   I’ve got it all planned out, you’ll see. I’ve hired someone to do the missing for me. I’ve become impatient and salty.
Your teeth will always be there, even when you're not smiling. When the tears break and fall down your face, sitting on the front porch swing,
What I need is some security I know finding someone worth keeping is a rarity Believe me this ain't no chairty Cause all I need to survive is a little love But waiting for someone, is something I'm sick of
The world is crying  cause children are starving  while inside your dying  and you can't stop the heartache  the dealers are buying  the people are lying but you can't stop trying  to fight it
I'm going insane. Happy as can be in a moment, Only to come crashing down the next, Into the darkness of my head. From a pleasant thought, To one leaving me distraught, I sit alone in the dark.
As the world lay in ruin, I asked myself,"Did it Pass?" Did the horrible war that forced us to conform,Did the preachers whom to God they're sworn,Did the witches,Died of execution form? Is it past,The reign of terror?The fog through which is uncl
Day one is when I thought your name was weird, then day two being the day that my mind was cleared. On day three, my heart began to experience this feeling,
All I need is a stick of graphite.  Dark and black as the night sky itself, when no stars shine and the moon hides from the horrors besieging the world.
He knew nothing but his home, and his home was the land. It raised, clothed and fed him, and he unto it. He was a piece of the whole, like a finger to the hand. It was vast, extending from each horizon, it was infinite.
Heads roll, faces spinning before your eyes Death to Louise the thirteenth, They yell Death to the Monarchy, They chant   CHOP.
Depression is an abusive relationship One that starts out small and slow You don't notice at first But you're slowly isolated From all the people and things that Might be able to help
Safe families Safe cities Safe countries Safe men Then war starts Tearing lovers And sisters and brothers
Make love, not war “War” is just another word, It kills, harms, and hurts Risking lives, hurts worse.
I can't let go , because I have a lot to say Building up on my chest, making this gentle heart heavy The thought of you makes my mind restless Filling with questions Hurt masked with anger
The world is just a mirror of the soul Growing from roots, but barely bold For the life we live, for time that's sold For what we seek, for price and gold What is different between you and I?
We all get screwed up in the end.  Life screws us up. We all face our own battles. Wage our own wars.  Concur our own enemies.  And fall down at our own turns.
I did not ask for struggle, I did not begin it. But when it is presented, I intend to win it. No matter the uphill battle, No matter the stricken tears. At the end of every struggle,
"Dancing shadows Deep and dark Flying arrows Met their mark Weary gallows Done their part No more follow Lost their heart Inside is hollow  They lost their spark
      " We cannot escape They are coming With poisoned words And glinting swords           We cannot escape They are marching Towards us and towards the war             We cannot escape 
"Find yourself         Your not from here  Your fatal flaw                Your fatal fear  Find you friend             Keep them near  Into the depths  Over the edge you peer 
The peace of the world is not always dead Just forgotten by the hunger of war Slowly sucking all living with its roar And captivating innocents with dread.
his fatal fall down into the World which. stopped, yet still a l i v e anxiously waiting for normality to Rebirth.
Soldier of Christ   I tend to see too many people going through their relationship with Christ like it's a job. Being a part-time Christian, but expecting a full time God.
Most might say joy, love, hope, and sleep, However, I prefer the beauty of silence, With its daunting tones, And comfort it brings when I weep, The dramatic scene fostered by the cut of sirens.
Senior Year 17 and 18 year old punk kids Who used to be prodigies, geniuses, beyond their years We were told we were so smart
A million cities burning in my mind Send thick black smoke in pillars to the sky. The earth lets out a deep and mournful sigh, Its children turned so violent, so unkind.
Assumptious eye The world is full of conclusions How much is it truth I'm just a detail, within a detail's detail If you saw my mind, would you still be interested in a physique
Closed walls, walled hearts narrow halls, hollow parts. A man alone, set apart Black Turnstone, hidden heart. High throne, thin skin
The smell of blood was heavy through the air,  Bodies litter the ground.  Next to me a soldier is muttering, praying to god.  Some are shaking,   Others are hoping for a safe return home.  My heart is pounding in my chest as I march with my fellow
Commands can be heard over an old time radio in a foreign language, German preferably. Snap to a black and white shot of old Nazi war planes zooming across the sky.
I like the feeling of not doing what I'm supposed to do I like the thrill of running from what is good for me   Coincidence is beauty But when we make it it's just fate And when we think it's random,
To be scared is to be alive. It is the thing that stops us, Prevents us from harming ourselves. It’s why we don’t jump out of windows, Why we don’t stab our eyes, Why we leave spiders alone.
There are four horseman on a hill Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War There’s four horsemen on a hill
Another soul slips away Painting the dawn with blood My mind is devoid of mercy My heart is stolen of love The song of gunfire Commemorates the dead
The TV screen flickersShowing what I am so used toBut it's more horribleThan fun little pixelsThey are real peopleShedding real bloodFor a cause that's not so realI fret and worry
We have fought for centuries in blood, sweat and tears, And we will continue to do so these next few hundred years- If it means you will be safe my love, my dear.  
Drenched upon the battle fieldUnder silver weapons wieldMisdirection her only shieldThe wildest of roses grew
Every man thinks they're right. So for this, they're willing to fight. They may start with words, but when they aren't heard there's been many a men who put down their pen and pick up their arm
See as it comes towards the seasons of celebrations ,  it saddens me to be the one who brings commiserations , A year we entered  with nothing but hope ,
I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.   This first line always makes me queasy. It doesn't sound
There's a place where the middle meets the east.   Some of it is made of sand, it's bland and you could get lost - in the smoke, the ashes, and in the tears of children and parents
“Sing a hopeful song!”They said.“A catalyst for revolution!”They cried.“A song for the rebels…”They shouted.
The cannons resound.Their deafening ringing smothers my voiceSilences my questioning thoughtsLeaves only the orders I was given.  
                                                We’ve Had Enough                                               By: Wardah Elghazali   A child lay on the ground dejected
  I am an Armenian I am from a country so small, people ask, "Where's that?" when I say its name I am from a race of people who have existed for 4,000 years,
Leaving behind a title, Breaking the barricades; Calling out for revival, Hurling out hand grenades; Fighting for survival,  Peeling off charades; Waiting for avowal,
Here in this lime lined, green field A battle is to be fought without mercy, without yield. Two platoons of a baker’s dozen each.
There’s fire behind you and bombs at your back Burning bright through the endless night of black Blood runs red through the dirty water Drifting away from the endless, brutal slaughter  
Ah...the Earth is soaked yet again by the blood of men,
I am molded, made to kill. Rough and tough. Strong and buff. Turned cold and distant by hours of training.   Sir! Yes, Sir! The sheets are changed. The racks are made.
A young boy is driven by passion
Blow the Shofar Call the twain Mark the day Blow the Shofar Battle is afoot War sets face Blow the Shofar Plead God’s Grace Set by him
In distant lands On foreign sands Our soldiers fight To keep our rights Tanks roar Planes soar Bullets fly No place to hide
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Here is to the women who hurt. How their pain never told though their stories ever sold, intuitively resistant and bold.
  We failed  our mission to the people we serve  torn by pride and history
When the man I loved tried to commit suicide, I can only describe my pain as having my heart ripped through my chest with hands of barbed wire, broken-glass dreams and smoldering promises.
The sunlight slowly began to fade, It's silent whispers hissed, "Don't be afraid." It disappeared from empty streets, as little children hid under sheets.   Darkness filled the broken ones,
His forearm is cooled by the sweat of his elbows. The fire is started in his hand, in a ski mask and shell toes.
The bright, yellow paint is chipping. The  ivy vines are climbing the walls. The war had started and it was abandoned.
I'm right, you're wrong. And I have every right to write that I'm right, because I'm not wrong
Followed by  'Forget about the war.' If only it was so easy. Events or news. Of some are seeking. A war with Iran.   Brings back memories.
Oh wait, Oh two 94 that's the day, don was exposed to Poverty mixed with gunplay At the age a five, I saw my first dead body in the drive way I was lost, even god couldn't find me
WarIs a cancer,The raging sickness in our worldCutting the strings of innocent puppetsAs our lining comes unfurledWarIs not a promised thing,It is merely a choice
  Mama, what's that noise I hear?        Cries of freedom,         Justice's song.   Mama, why'd that girl fall down?        She tripped and fell. 
I cannot say why we wonder I can only dream my dreams Imagination leads to creation Inventions become a need   Wonder allows the mind to wander While the body is set to work
Terrible is the night we wait on When the terrible things arrive. The blame is placed, The hand is stilled, The suspense ticking alive. Fires all set blazing
My nigga had eyes deep enough
She has a jealous spirit that kind that is so g
Jingle. Jangle. Is the sounds his pockets made, With each quick stride the music he shaped. Jingle. Jangle.
The War   (monolouge) Damn  I just wanna Drink and forget It's hope and regret  If I sip
   We first met our second year of high school.
 It was in the clove of seasons,  the flowers were stained. The grass around was wet, from the night when it rained.   A tombstone now stands, where the bleeding tree once stood.
    So this is battle, this is war. Take up your weapons, and kill some more. Here we march to the field to fight. We'll make widows and orphans upon this night.     The enemy pours in like a flood,
Have you ever seen anything so sad? Children run around half-naked while their parents wait for more pills to come to town. Teens walk around with cigarettes in their hands and alchohol in their systems.
    Observing the vestiges of common humanity    I am engulfed in processes that are    reminiscent of the ages when obfuscation    was predominantly a matter of    undiscovered science converging into a
Dear mama The war is rough out here Can't seem to get a good nights sleep Your letters from home have become endear At night you can hear the men weep Billy is coming home Where he can rest in peace
There was a baby girl born to a family of sixWho was a beacon of love amidst the conflictsShe took her first steps under the moon lightOn the shoreline of the sea, oh what a sight
The skies go to war when the clouds are silver all through the land you can hear the cracks and roars see the anger flashing in the sky destroying everything in the wrong place and the wrong time
I needed you to say something magically mind altering. Something that would knock me off course with very weak knees, leaving me lingering on your every word like an obtuse cobra swaying into a hypnotic trance.
No Reason  i never thought life would come to this, people judging stabbing other people in the back with no reason
I'm no good with poetry as it's an art that is felt rather than seen.   I'm not one for feeling.  I'd rather stare at my ceiling and not feel much at all.  
We men have painted in blood a small, disproportionate portrait of our God.   Predestination of life and damnation, One trail but two gates for the will-less cattle, and Segregation by herds
The sky lays low tonight like a blanket of a flag on a deceased man eagles fly no more and the world we once knew is covered by a blanket of dew But that dew isn't water
I think you have anger issues.
There's a burning in my chest And I can't tell whether my heart is on fire, set alight by the rush of energy transferred when he placed his hand on mine for the last time
My War with Heaven- Stella D’Vine You are the fallen angel that has casted a spell upon me. I am the mere peasant that is awed by your beauty Your skin so smooth and flawless and a rich chocolate color
Little did you know when our world "Leaders" meet to talk, they talk not about how to create peace but strategies for war.
Heavy, wet, warm, suffocation settles
Nature in its essence So Often Misunderstood The things we might not notice The things I wish we could   Disguised by its beauty Lush greenness all around The penetrating sunlight
Every day is another war, Another soul lost Another closed door And at what cost?
Words can’t even begin to describe On account of I ain’t no scribe But I got say I hope I make your day When I tell you the truth You are a hero to all us youth
They say there patriotic They fly a flag of lies They say their bringing freedom So they kill their fellow kind? They say our countries worth it They march in Nazi lines
War  a  game  with  death
The dead of the war stand in gloom
It starts in 1999, when at five years old, still chubby-cheeked and new, I learned that make-up was for girls as night over night I watched my mother paint 
Shot Heart pounding lungs burning Smoke fills the air the sounds of guns and explosions all around Senses heightened, looking to kill
Without a care in the world I stare at the lens in front of me,what has become me Behind the lens you will find the real me, not the one I appear to be It's inside out, without a twist of doubt whats becoming of me, you see
Copper anvils ring like darkness.
Come listen to my truest thoughts and my truest feelings. While we are die-hard living there are people that are shining and people that are crying.
Tell me why, Oh tell me how,We made it through.I remember the shots, the bombs,
 WAR.... "War does not determine who is right... just... who is left."
i have a friend who flew with the times and plummeted to the ground as his pocketful of rhymes sunk and spat and became one with the earth-- the ground upon which we dream still engraved with his words
Im tired of the lonesome nights  Im tired of the longing for something ill never have The touch that I cry for is something my body will never feel The laughs Ill never get to share 
Close your eyes, And listen to the sound of your heart
Bombs everywhere, missiles left and right, clenching my gun in my hand so tight. Side versus side, so scared but I will never show it, America the Brave, proud and heroic.
I hear the bang of the gun I rush to my tent I am all alone, scared But ready to fight I grab my gun and run to the line
Dear my Love, the walls have fallen, The stones and mortar have given way. Authorities have not yet told If it were attack, or mere decay. The resting village still lies in peace,
she sat there wielded with a belt of grenades  my mouth a machine gun shooting what i had to say sure she was pelted over and over by my hate but when she threw her words at me that was all it would take
On darkened hill a soldier stands, Letter in his hands. Never to see,
Put down the gun take off the helmet, unstrap the boots wipe off the blood.   Halt the tanks, discard the missiles, write me back come home soon.   Just end the war
I can stare a thousand yards and never see a thing   I can share a thousand thoughts and never even sing   I can live a thousand lives and take them all in vain  
Growth is better When spaced just right When things aren't Packed too tight When it is nice and Airy during the night Growth is better when Spaced just right Metal, hard, tin
I just killed a man why does it have to be like this ibwant to give my family one last kiss   i can't believe i was one that was chose i want to see my wife again the one I love the most
Our men are made of flesh and blood
Praise be to thee
And the day that I died
We've be lied to Duped Always the same Never more of a motive than personal gain Have you seen the look in a mother's eyes When she finds out that her child is no longer alive
We have tolerated too much already. We have been left to clean up the mess. From now on, you will be stripped of your identity. Your children will be taken away form you. Beware, we will find you.
Women are equal as men. Although it takes two to make a baby, babies would not be in this world without women. I do believe the creation of life is a 50-50 job between a man and a woman, but within the job, the roles are split up.
Some day, One day, I hope war will end.  
The Way Of The World
A caravan driving through the desert Only an unpaved dirt road underneath   A small town up ahead we see everyday A few dozen people and more decrepit buildings  
My mind is the Civil War. Neither side is winning. 
This is a war
Art, Abandoned and angry. Alleys and attackers. Alone, Alone, Alone.   Art, Abandoned and angry. Avalanches and alligators. Alone, Alone, Alone.  
There is a storm and it will rise
I stumble upon the shattered road The cries of war engulf me Debris, dust, smoke… where is our home? Piercing gun shots resonate near me
Looking at my face You'd never know In my life A war grows On the outside I`m filled with life On the inside I`m dying Not from sorrow Not from strife Literally I fight
A gentle hand is far more fair Than a fist raised in violence A understanding reaps more rewards Than ignorance and intolerance Our skin is different shades of brown Why argue over the same color
I am a hopeful, bright, justice-filled human being.  
Tonight I cannot sleep, for you are nolonger at my side.
Don't look now, child The world has gone to war They don't care that you're just a child To them, you're one soldier more. - Those aren't gunshots you hear now Those aren't dying screams
"Wifie" You make me sick Saying it cutesy As if it lessens the bounded meaning   I'll hide behind a smile Pretending I understand When in al honesty, I just want to push you away
As I looked into his eyes  I was just a child, his child  He was JUST my daddy.  My daddy that was in glossy pictures clothed in Camoflauge. 
I turn on the news and all I see is ISIS this murder that immigration this
Not a prayer could forgive The injustice done On sacred grounds Or the blood split Or Trail of Tears. Nor could one admit The hyprocrisy That made a people Undone.  
Don't kiss me- There's still blood in my mouth from the last battle. You know, I've never actually left that field. A part 
shame and guilt is all in my face
Masks, smoke, and mirrors all illusions
I'm tired of looking at the human race in the eyes To see death, poverty, abuse all covered up by lies We told ourselves it wouldn't happen again But it never stopped my fellow men
Blind me
           Why Don't?      Why don't we unite to stop the wars?
  Waiting for time to pass Staring at a half empty glass Who is right Who is wrong No one has the answer
Welcome to a world of fun A carnival of toys and guns Nobody wins, we’re quivering The only prize is you can’t leave…   All these clowns are made of masks— You become what you paint on your faces
Red, white and blue is the color of our flag that we represent, the one who wont stand, the ones who fought for us their lives are gone but as long as I live I'm going to defend.
War, Hatered or Fear
The soft breeze sways the trees As you twirl me in a bed of leaves to the rhythm of our beating hearts You pull me close and our souls' music starts   Your breath whispers in my ear
Look here forward Future told Scrolls are written Don't unfold Don't hold near or close to thee Taking lives and take a knee Hands stained pale Soul lost in lies
The Earth is like a beautiful cloud, Just to be on it makes me feel proud. If only I could just release The world from War and Hell into Peace.
War War is a canvas, dastardly painted with crimson and black The air is polluted with smoke Ash falling like snow The deafening sounds of thunder Feels like a heart attack  
The ground is barren. the sky, a morning grey Two roses stand together in the silent day One is satin black the other crimson red No one can see them but the dead They appear when the fighting is gone
The cacophonous roar, originating from the machines of war.   The engines that continue, the horrific bloodshed, are engineered by ingenious, Madmen.   Hitler, Mussolini,
We humans, we stomp across the delicate grass, As if it were not there. But if the grass were human, it would call you an ass, Lift you up and throw you into the air.   We humans, we rise up into the sky,
I can't sleep I'm not at peace my eyes are wide open my heart has a hole in it the feeling in my stomach is disgusting my catastrophizing mind is unresting "I have to get to bed at a decent hour"
Drum on the walls, chant your chants, sob in your sleep on these long nights Stay young, Oh Warmen
Why? What can you say to justify the gory ground that I stand upon Glory? Ha! An infant's dream that died in me long ago
The battle rages The war goes on. Some fight to kill, Some have a code.
"First step's so called education, next we bring assimilation. We keep you passified so you will follow" Send out the soldiers & fill up the prisons, Stand in line for superficial pleasures
What are limits without timeWhat is distance without a prizeWhat do you win once you have won what you have wanted all alongWhat is a fight without a warWhat is speech with no encore
A lust for Blood, a lust for love. A need for peace; for all wars to end. The human blood, of such sweet scent. Why, oh why must the scent linger in the air?
If Happiness Were a Nightmare The stars gaze down upon him His eyes stare back in a mutual relationship Sleep no longer grants him rest
You went through hell and back And you didn't deserve what came. You really tried to get back on track, But after war, things just couldn't be the same.   You gave your life, shooting guns and ammunition,
       Brave, loyal friends having one another's backs        A loving sensei* always encouraging him
Two young boys In a world ravaged By seemingly endless war Find friendship At the bank of a clear, serene river, Where they come for respite, Brief moments of escape
You enlisted into the military It was your choice A good choice indeed You go to basic training to learn everything, and everything in between After that you are not done You have a career A job
We barley talk We never see each other You know my name But that’s all you’ve ever wondered You’re leaving town You may not ever come back You’re off to war And promises don’t work  
I want to do ballet. NO. You’re not flexible enough. I want to do beauty pageants.  NO. You’re not near attractive. Ok.   I’ve made six A’s and one B this quarter.
Live for the Armistice
Walking into to battle.Their eyes look straight ahead.Bodies falling all around,Blood filled memories will forever Fill their heads.   For most the training seemed to last forever,But the war will last even longer.
What are we doing?....What have we become?   We’re just gang banging…   Lampin’: Hanging out under a street-light, on gangsta turf waitin’ for a Ghetto Star: A top street drug dealer
They say that love is a battlefield.So do you feel the beating of my heart every step you take in combatDoes the dust in the air create silhouettes of my face,Do you try to feel the embrace of my arms
We all want to be loved But what is love if we're all blind Not able to see their mistakes We think our partner is perfect I guess we're just too kind We don't umderstand why
Today is never ending-- the start of a new beginning.  A story of characters without a home, A story of passionate love and burning hate, and fighting which always makes us feel great
The reason why I try to hide 
When words can't explain my frustration on how a boy can change your mine completely 
  my mom always warned me about the drugs on the street
It's a whirlwind, you feel like you no longer are in control of your heart because you gave it away unintentionally. It feels like constant emotion of happiness and want.
As this day became the most worst of all
I’m confused in this world. My Parents tell me one thing And my friends tell me another. I watch all the movies. I thought what I was feeling was real. What happened to love, live life.
I am suffocating.  The elephant in the room is breathing all the oxygen  and my lungs have become too weak to function anymore. The tiles of my veins are cracked upon the impact 
nameless faces on the battlefield faceless names on the cenotaph
You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
Edges of this world must be mended Creases of these old fabrics smoothed Smuggled letters rewritten And torn pieces sown With old methods and home-made remedies Nail by nail and thread by thread
 There I stood. Tragically transfixed in cowardice, trembling in fear, no voice of my own, so afraid to speak out I took to writing this poem
I've been where you are That place where nothing seems to make sense  That place where it's you against the world I've been there    I've been to that place 
"The horror, the horror!" They cry; yet what does it matter? They hide their faces even as the world Did THEN.
Cleopatra Philopator Ptolemy,
War on Women  
I am always a depressed dreamerI am always depressed by the powersBenefits always equip huntersSafety always promotes slaughters
When all that's left is war All the wars of our miseries When all we know we want no more 
Wire snake
Listen rasicim insercurities stereotypes  all so common but all of it bites  no change no shift  but who going to change  especaily when we live in a world where everything that is taught is sane   
So sick of freaking war I turned on the television Flipped the channel to watch some CNN For maybe bout an hour or more All I could see was war   All the fighting in Washington
Prey Loin are very fierce and powerful, they creep up to their pray, they are like thieves in the dark, you never know when the lion will come.  
We fought We served To fight for a cause  A cause that stemmed from Freedom An idea rooted in the belief that We fought  We carried rifles We wore the uniforms We fought
Wall street looms above you as you takeyour walk across the graduation stageyour walk down the aisleyour walk around the neighborhood,draining you with the fangs that they call debt.
Far from home they fight, In a land that’s not their own. Their enemy has no face, Yet they fight on. In a time of terror Not knowing who is friend or who is foe,
I want to write a poem To the days that will not be For the times we only wish That we all could live in peace I would dedicate this poem To the beauty that is rare
A deafening boom The earth trembles
The flow of the human race is nothing more than a flow We seem more and more content in our ways we forget to grow The Individualistic idea has inspired oneself to lead a life of independence
I hear the music No one else hears And I wander through the streets. I sing along but They can't see me. What I have is such a treat!   I'm the invisible man. Super Special.
Sickness, poverty, nations of the illUncured, losing the battle not at will   Nations crumbling beneath our feetNations tearing at the seams  
Wolves howl, Shots are fired, Childrens eyes are covered, Dead bodies all over the ground, White flags
Guns don't kill people freedom does  how many have died under liberty's judge do we call it freedom because their minds are freed from earthly restriction
Against all odds, I am here. I am a survivor, born of survivors, with fire in my blood. My perseverance is all that I need, for my will to live consumes me. It was not always so.
Perhaps it belongs to an animal Who squeals for mercy But instead is stunned and skinned But no, it couldn’t be them Because there’s no blood once it’s been rinsed away   Or maybe it’s the young women
Perhaps it belongs to an animal Who squeals for mercy But instead is stunned and skinned But no, it couldn’t be them Because there’s no blood once it’s been rinsed away   Or maybe it’s the young women
From the ashes, we rise like Kings. From our fallen blood, we learn to grow limbs. WIth each broken brick we build a home. Our fate is made in our blood and stone. You may take our bodies,
This is a message to the world To each and every boy and girl No matter your age there’s nothing to fear Young or old, you have to be bold   I ain’t saying its fine to play mind games
A haze of smoke hung thick through all the air; The cries of dying men echoed 'round.  The light from booming cannons showed an eerie glare, Twisted figures lay strewn upon the ground.   
  Generations past and although you have   The blood of your ancestors coursing through your veins,   You find it hard to relate.   You are proud to be an American but,   What is there to be proud of?
A short Poem by Stephen Strausbaugh   Lie, Steal, Blame, Kill You look down at us atop of your hill Writing bills, but seeking thrills Only you have a license to kill Only you have a license to kill
at a young age, 
Oh my brother, where are you today?
We continue to wage this pointless war, 
You claim your ambitions, yet you sit back and wade How can someone be so ignorant, is this why you're paid? Our brothers have fallen, our sisters held hostage, We didn't agree to this, I didn't sign a single roster.
Brown, Black or White What makes us different?
Artemis unslings her bow, The huntress selecting an arrow From her finely wrought quiver As an artist would select a brush For his next masterpiece. Filled with the power of the divine
I told her I let her know I'd be fine. She was wary  She let me go.  
Thousands of tombstones filled my sight Millions more are covered by the night Bodies of humans rot underground As the world continues to spin around
Different we all are Similar we appear to be Perfection is a star An unreachable image we can see A personal paradise… Something we’ve always craved for A perfect world so nice…
In this war of love Anything goes You can’t escape You’re bound to passion Trapped in its prison And you grow sick- Love sick- As you become pale and weak Cupid laughs
A gust of wind brings up a smell, Of an unforgiving living hell, The sweat and blood fills up ground So thickly, muffling every sound.                                           
Call of duty, 1944. Old Uncle Sam knocking at the door 18 years old, a boy soon a man.
A sea of dead bodies Lay on a blood-stained field. The dead are nothing but a memory. The last one standing is the winner.  The one who kills all the others- He is called The Hero.
War child , she was merely just a kid with a heart  of steel when the people lost their livelihood whilst she kept it real, saw soldiers die on the streets
  Crips and Bloods, robbers and killers. Crips and Bloods, murders and stealers.
Lets spread our wings up and high
Grief is a war.
Life once created a soul with mighty dreams and hopes Yet it only took a man to destroy it
I beg the question: What are we fighting for? By this, I don’t aim to challenge the conventions of English grammar. Instead, I aim to challenge the conventions of human thinkers.
The end Of our days
confident yet insecure
Game's over. Quick Get me some water! Ah! You've got ice too? Thanks!   My sweaty palms touch the glass, Feeling the freezing water with my hands
One scar
Merging onto streets. We flood as an aid to those in need. We see the pain, cries, and pleas. Freedom is so everlasting.
I can't breathe My tears flow freely, the sick feeling of dread overwhelming me His hands are warm, controlled and gentle. He's comforted others before me,
Fresh flesh bleeds upon the ancient grounds of history Flesh that isn't our own Those chunks of human life belong to our brothers and sisters born to delete the wrong doings of war sickened people. They fight.
I feel afraid 
Lets pick a fight just for the heck. lets just be safe  And not break each others neck We roll and pull, push and turn. untill one of us can feel the burn... Babe let me give you a little advice,
Huff and puff the good stuff Inhale the good  Peace 
Drugs and Rock n' Roll Live the counterculture life  Be the flower child
Lost the War
There is a war waging on this world. It is waged by every country, every boy and girl. Every stream, every ocean feels the war’s pain. And water fights back with acid rain.  
There was a time an eternity passed A mother, a father and two children. Bombs raining, oozing from crimson and clouds Over commorancies of families Into tombs, treasury, temples, and towns.
Doomed I remember the old days, when the world was on the brink of war,
Pale gray hands across a stone cold chest,  a family divided from the rest, A mother who weeps in pure despair, A father who wishes he was with him there, This is what happens.
I can not feel at ease with so much chaos over seas
When he was a small boy, He dreamped of being a hero of war, On the battle field to save every one, In the hot desert sun,   So little Johny pick up that old b-b gun, Mama look at that squirl run,
Why is the world so mean?
She doesn't want to fight ,but she has to.All she wants to do, is end the war.
He sits a little ways off,   Alone in the rain,Just by the short lake shore,   Beside the sugar canes.
You constantly reminded me to wash my
The paddng of boots and storms of dry dustDroplets of sweat brushed of bare backs in gusts The breath of the sun brings the warmth of dry weatherEach wisp of a breeze carries smells of new leather
A world once of simplicity Has fallen into a mystery From chaos and destruction Humanity could only blossom
Another day One of hatred and greed A world of sin with no consequence For the deed No shame For the world is the same Keeps on trudging Day after day But stop
A Photograph of The Past   I’m laying here, the ceiling’s caving in. I’m staring up in a gaze waiting for the fallout. I’m still, I will not move. I will lose myself in this crumble.
Please take me to the motherland I heard love can manifest Yin and Yan they coexist Please take me to the motherland Where alchemist don't trade souls For the chemical make up of gold
When your heart threatens to fall out your ass. When your brain won't cease spitting out rapid-fire bullets labeled What if If Only What about Maybe Maybe Not
In war You are not special. You are the means to an end. They will not care that someone loves you. They will shoot first and ask questions later. Or ask none at all. In war
It's not as if I ever meant for this to happen. It just kind of did. It's nothing bad,  I swear it. It's just odd. And frightening to consider. Love me once, shame on you.
Who am I to say what is wrong?Who am I to change those scars?The cuts run deep. Fissures to the starsSplit open and ruinedWhy is this Earth so scarred?
They waddle onto war - a walk to the park? -With bodies blown and souls sent to the dark?   I say “Young lads, throw down your guns, And reach up for peace that rests in the sun.”  
I bleed red, white, and blue With stars across my heart, With the stripes burned into my mind; Giving everything - All my experiences; A little taste of home with each step I take;
They were brought down Down to the pits of the darkest spectrum Beyond a trace of relief, a glimmer of hope   They were menaced, chided, and turned Beaten, battered, and burned
Imagine a world of no conflictNo anger, no murder, no war   A world of respect   Where the color of your skin doesn’t matterWhere which side of the tracks you grew upon makes no change  
What will I tell my children 15 years from now?  My brave 8 year old boy and his sweet 5 year old sister? "Why mommy, is daddy away all the time?" They ask: "Because he is catching the bad guys" 
Because a war make Hmong People  Have place to live like other people  Because a war make Hmong People 
The silence was seriously starting to get to her,This was the day,The day everything goes down.It’s not every day the earth swallows you whole in one mouth full.
My Hero (first and last line provided by Bradley Quick)   And no matter how much I tried, the blood dripped down…
We consumed the young last in our neurogenic forever Grand birdcage released the blues stricken poultry It severs us together in this foundry Sundry renegade reengage..... Hope to the shames of Gomorrah
Sometimes we have great dreams,
ending it all horribly. brought down,  Our world will be in ruins If there isn't anyone,
We woke up in this place, shattered but alive,   The world is a monstrocity,  we manage to survive.   Torn up children's faces and corrupted civil wars,  
I look in the mirror and I see a girl A girl who wants to change the world Show everyone what could be If from our eyes we erased the greed The greed of a nation wanting more Money, power galore  
We are sperated by "late" Every border on a map shows how we are different. So seperate and divided that we cannot equate The pain that we each go through So we talk about finding peace when
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Flags are nothing but color. Caucasian, Indian, Islander, African Skin is not the issue in particular. Trans, Gay, Straight, Bi We are all the same.
Sword bent  Heart damned  Salvation all but spent Spirit slammed God has left and went What is to spare Alone and never blameless My soul wont dare  Walk on in disgrace 
What would I change?  I would take away the hurt. the pain.  The hate we Americans still servin'  racism, sexism, all their criticisms. passed down to their child    What would I change?
Peace is never going to happen, it's an idea made up from stupidity. Each mind thinks differently, everyone is not the same. Saying such a thing breaks the cortex, the cortex of humanity.
They brave all danger, They master all fear, When they enter the land of a stranger, They all have a noble code to which they must adhere. But how do they feel….. When stare into the face of Death?
For to homeland, for to father,
To flee, or not to flee--that is the question:
I heard the grass is greener on the other side Only if you abide By the rules they preach to sinners Only those who reach it are truly winners And the everlasting pulsing is gone I’m coming home
If I had the power, I would help a baby bird to fly. I would teach it how to use its wings. I would catch it if it fell. I would make it believe in itself. If I had the power, I would help the mother on minimum wage.
Why are there still people out there that just love to hate? Based upon the color of their skin and their race Every individual possesses different traits Is it even possible to change these people's ways?  
  I'm black and I'm prod
In my house enjoying a fine day, smoking cannabis, harming no one and nor, am I doing anything wrong, but yet it is a crime, and to this I say, end this war.   Medicine for everybody including children,
One ride away, a ride filled with men. To battle they go, in defense of their kin. Some sleep and some pray, some bask in the din, some think about their future, ALL hope for a win.
We look in the mirror and see a thing, We are so set on what this thing should be, The hardest realization that goes through our mind or occupies our time, Is the reality of our human being,
A blue bird’s feather
I walked through the door, My eyes couldn't comprehend, The shadow of the person I saw. There lies a friend of a friend, A person I barely knew, But my fellow brother in arms.
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
It is said to be best served cold. It grows in your soul incripting like mold. Such a sinister idea, an evil from the inside. From the dawn of time to present day. It infects everyone of us worldwide.
I was asked what I would change about this world. Would I change the war, drugs, crime? No. Because all of these are caused by one thing: Hate. We hate those who are different;
I sit at night, watching the stars Dreaming of a world without scars   No hate or frears  No war or tears   A world where no one lies A world where no one dies  
When I turn on the nightly news,I don't watch the weather forecast anymore.
Invisible Knight             Hefting sightless armor             Decorated in gold talons             Your wrath is unmatched             As your peace is unequaled  
Stop fighting. All of you. You act as though a difference is a sin, when really it's your intolerace that should be punished. You would kill entire groups of people, for religion for a lifestyle
Like a bird needs a feather, we all need eachother. In the darkest of times , we search in others for a light that shines. but the light that we seek, is within ourselves,
If I could change, change anything at will I would change the amount of blood we spill In the name of war, we are warring on ourselves Confusing the shadows with the light, Blinded by hate and revenge
At the sound of an alarm, We wake! At the smell of a brew, We wake! At the turn of a key We move! On our path to fortune, We dream, Yet, at the sight of the homeless child,
A change is a simple concept, One few are able to grasp. Change is not normally accepted, And to some, it means a new you, a new life.
We are in a war, but we don't know what it is we're fighting for. we don't know who's dying, who exactly are we killing? when our soldiers arrive our patriotism is thrilling.
            I sit, looking at my grandpa's crinkled face, his sad eyes tell many stories             that his lips can barely stand to say.  
Hidden beneath the sheets Dead memories swirling about the room Slugging through my veins The thick viscous ink writing letters in my skin   Sunlight streaking through The small apartment window
Hold me tight,   don't let me fallThe sky is still light,   the lark hasn't calledUntil then don't let go,   stay for this last hourStay until the candle is low,   before you leave my tower.
A lost soul in a pit of despair,
A man looks down the sights of life and death Gripping the decision to kill Oblivious to the consequences of his soon-to-be actions A moment of regret glistens as he pulls the trigger
Ours was a love of gun smoke & closed windows Remembered in Polaroid photos Can you feel my breath escape?   I found constellations in my skin, With whispers that shattered clouds Your bombs.
He took my brother He took my father He laughed when I cried  My mother never forgave him The world hated him but he went on with the slaughter using death as his weapon I tried to stop him
Why do we all hate These wars we start From bombing innocent towns To a gunfight in the street next to KMart
Many enemies and strangers
Blood spills from lips once indulged unto frozen land. Screams muted by media still ring in valleys unseen . Countless battles without true victory as young eyes seek guidance
  One thing I'd change in this world would be
Disguises for hypocrisy. Blinded by democracy. Honestly, do We know why We go to war and children die? Contradicting insanity - Thou shalt not kill, all of humanity. 
O beautiful
A world dominated by people who have erased vulnerabilityFrom their thoughts, seems to be falling apart.We train ourselves to be stern and collectedTo not show emotions, because emotions are our downfall.
The silence was seriously starting to get to her, This  was the day, The day everything goes down. It’s not every day the earth swallows you whole in one mouth full.
The dirty beasts Scuttling around Keeping to the shadows Trapping Biting Saving for later Waiting For the opportune moment To kill. Fantastic in duty, Unappreciated by man
I feel the mysterious paint dripping down like a cape Containing the worlds lies that I thought I could escape
    How can I stop you from something  you are addicted to?   You leave me alone for days, and when you are home you never seem at ease I hear you at night yelling in your dreams.  
  Love, what is it?
I watch you dance,
Oh my Marie, I'll express my love to thee, From sea to shining sea, I'll be there to set you free.
Original in Spanish:
numbers don’t talk,
 numbers don’t laugh; 
they don’t breath, or even have a heart, 
Spying Death, He moves forward. Wating for his time, With welcoming arms.   He continues. With every step, A louder breath. Earth's details grow clearer,
My whole family has served, but where will I be?  What if i don't want to what if it's not the right cause?
Staring at a screen.
A girl sits and thinks about the man of her dreams. Brown hair, brown eyes, A smile that beams, A man to help her through her lows and highs.   She imagines him as a doctor or lawyer.
In this darkness I fall
The constant rocking.Back and forth. He wanted to follow the call of the whistle:‘up and over’ boys.But his gaze was lost in the blackness.His breath rasped and hushed by whimpers. 
A Roman mother awaits her son's return,  as his legion is ordered to kill, capture, and burn.  Will he fall in battle, as his father did in Germany?  Or will he return a hero, as he most most certainly. 
  Fear has no definite definition, or provisions but is without a doubt the basis of this country’s decisions.
Stand tall and march with confidence, Do not breathe fear or the enemy will sense it, When you bleed you are only to bleed victory,  Shoot the enemy, young soldier But young soldier, keep in mind, 
With it we define, the meaning of life The need to realign, without much strife To impose our odds, beyond our right
Clenched fists, Immoveable jaw,
The bombardment of booms that echoed the groundsSt
By the people for the people is beginning to seem feeble for a reason typically simple, We the people are a weapon used by government at disposal of any time they say jump we say how high.
As one piece of iron sharpens another, we need to keep each other sharp. We need to encourage each other. An enemy might be able to defeat one of us, but not when the two of us stand back-to-back to defend each other.
She left a boy to raise me. She said i was driving her mad. That i made her want to pull out her hair.
I wake up in the morning to find that you are gone Thought that it was just a dream but your absence says I'm wrong I see our old friends when I go out I force a smile and try to find something to talk about
Gone away to war has he, Always meant the world to me He was strong, he was tough,
The power to change. The possibilities to achieve. How many lives can be touched?
Particles colliding with one another, Molecules competing for food, Stars devouring eachother, These are warriors. Plants taking over territory, Rats fighting over crumbs,
Surrounded by our elements Feeling out of place Neither of us dared to ruin the moment It’s coming—our bitter enemy The end, the war—our nemesis   We were warned No attention was heeded
When you realize what you've done, will any of it matter?
Have you ever stopped to see How all of our lives might be Without those who died for the red, white, and blue Sacrificing their lives for me and you Do you even give one thought
Boom. The last thing we had heard The last we lived The first We died. Our deaths were a warning. A sign of revenge We bombed their ships They bombed our town We saw it coming
It was a winter twilight, the full moon was shining bright. One could feel the insensitive cold wind, freezing and obliterating everything, just like mankind.
I wish for world peace, For there to be no war, 
As sailors sail upon the sea Soldiers march through dirt and leaves
A man stood there, alone in the room, looking out its windows.It was his last day in his home,   a home in a land not truly his,   amongst a people not his own,But he loved them.And this was his home.
A candle flickers in the darkThe only light in the worldThe world that has forgotten it. Forgotten the small candle,   not the light, not the fire. No, definitely not the fire.
Your dream as a parent   is to create.   Your little ones   rise up... grow   and stretch, stepping   on the old carpet;
The flag stands where you were. On the home front. Defending what you love. The flag stands where you were.
Bombs all around me Shrapnel hits my skin I can feel my life fading I’m about to give in   Then my Corpsman came
  No wars on their dime
As the moon shone above our heads, God told me a story I'll never forget Of when Vietnam and America first met.   Wind whined at the wounding windows
Love, peace, and happiness forever is a dream that passes me by. When one problem ceases another one increases. It seems to me to be one big unbearable lie. For fate, is it real? How long will I have to wait?
  The air is frigid and bitter, My feet are frozen and numb We’ve spent all our brief free time Smoking cigarettes and drinking rum   The endless days are extensive and long
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, But all it really does is make minds wander So that I can hardly remember the color of your irises, or the way your voice sounds when you whisper your name into my skin.
The Soldier
Missiles of mistrust and combating reality, 
Sword in hand, the knight storms into the fortress. Swinging his blade, he strikes fear into his foes, Slaughtering them, savoring each of those blows. Spearmen pawn their poor lives for his sinful bliss,
We wait in thick silenceWhile a genocide sleepsClaim to see all,When they know the leastThe mighty get mighterAnd the weak, they bendWhile we're made to sufferFor the ignorance of old men
  Twirling beacons glow warm in winter’s night   Bright white souls swiftly growing old   Sunlit sidewalks fill with chalk   Rain, feather dust and flies   A sloping sleeping heat
Army Is US! Strict, Strong, Stern. Army is you. Tall, Proud, Heroic, Brave Army is you.   I will stand by your side. I will support you always.
The sky is dark
  I remember you. Those eyes you have are like fire. They haunt me, yet I cannot bring myself to take my own eyes off of the impossible flame of yours.
Days wasted, in a world full of hurt Sitting taking advantage of your right to be calm An angel cries when a shovel hits the dirt
Dear Mr. American History:   Your tie: red white and blue, representing the noose of oppression you pledge yourself to.
A helpless cry A plea for mercy The man kind at heart Has no choice, no delight
I caught a glimpse of loneliness lonelinesssitting in my throat sitting in my throatthe couple dancingthe couple dancingweaving future into
Rings stretching from East to West formed in the crimson skies, Glowing pink, orange, and yellow above the setting sun,
Trying to refine me and define me, But you don't want to test me. I may be as sweet as a rose, But I'm pretty tough on my toes. I know I'm not perfect, But in the end it will be worth it.
You make us frozen But we have armies We are the flames And we will consume you   You think you know better You know more than us But we can use your mind We will bend your mind  
we are star crossed lovers,torn apart by distanceand the fact that you may never
Approaching five revolutions around the star O'er the great pond- I flew To a promised land of health and wealth A land of independence A land of your founding fathers But not mine
Tactics tactics we need to move.
Windows of time,Pass through this place,A poem of history,Written on the walls,Marks of hate, and Lines of war,To every end to the left,and to the right,People to make resolution,
Oh sun, Oh sun How he does rise To watch the cheerful play, See him illuminate the skies, And hide before each day, Oh sun, oh sun What warmth he brings, To ever leaf and flower,
And we are all but monkeys on a pebble, hurtling around a mediocre star among the Quintillion others in an endless black sea bigger than our minds could ever comprehend,
Faith: one motive, a solitary pebble, minuscule in size, enormous in spirit, burning the demon’s evil plot; where disloyalty to self’s morals crumbles like the Twin Towers, the disrupted chariot as horses
Red and white litters the ground. Footsteps make no sound. In this month of April. Upon this secluded hill. Underneath a golden tree. Looking at you searching for me. A quiet breeze that whispers.
Who can think submission so far to raise the white flag to rage no longer against the enemy allow themselves to be enslaved by the enemy--perhaps forever. who will give up their brethren,
Let's live until the end of the world. Let's choose to jump Or watch the world burn to its own undoing. These are our own decisions. So make your choice, take your pick. This world is ending.
If war today is just a lie And a eye for an eye Makes two men half blind And what if that lie cannot be seen Wouldn't life today seem like a dream? So i ask you the question of that doubt
Watching you from above. Through your worst  and your happiest times. Bursting with pride and hope. But have you forgotten what I have done? Have you forgotten my sacrifice?
You'll be leaving soon Off to begin the adventure of your life.  You'll be exploring the globe. Ocean to Ocean. Mountain top to mountain top. Your book will reach to its final chapter someday.
Soldier Who Soldier who trains all day and night And counts the days until departure who is conditioned and unyielding who is a dog tag and bayonet whose hair is always shaved
Love is everywhere. Love is everything, love can hurt, love can cure. Love can do anything. Love can be given; Love can be taken. Love is not eternity. Love is not forever.
Tainted, tainted is the light, No more is it pure and bright, Tainted, tainted as the night, No one can see for it is dark with fright,   Scarred am I from battles and wars, Recovery is not an option,
He said if not for God what is it you live for I said I want to be happy I said I want to be happy I said I want to lie in my death bed with eyes barely open and I want to be able to smile Say this- was good
Somewhere in the darkness A former soldier, if such a thing Woke to glacier sweat sheets around him   A slight girl pressed against his bedside--
Through these blue eyes I see The destruction if a war scarred land By these cold hands I touch The lips of those that have died With this broken heart I feel
This world Governments rule over the people People lose faith in the power They lose faith in themselves Someone rises up from the fallen And leads the people Fighting for peace and freedom
An sky as tormented as my dreams Screams yells and drowns its tears Every lighting burns descending in rage Thunder embraced in nothing but fear Destroying the land even the world feels our pain
They say we are free, If we are free, then why, Why do we have men and women killed, Is it really to stay free?
Guns guide your hands and feet Your ignorance you breathe into the frozen air The colors are all the same to me But to you, it is war   Sheltered behind your branches
The fields of war, we all cry, Let’s take a moment and take a big sigh. This isn’t what life should be! Let’s just get along, you and me. Let’s have the peace fly!   War is nothing but a sad, sad lie,
Voices and ventilators echo, Through suffocating hallways, As I walk in a long beige coat, My hair a shoddy bun.   Skin transparent, Veins blue, Blood burning, Clawing to my center,
BOOM BANG, Bombs Away Children want to play but not today. Want to frolic in the sun, eat a hotdog in a bun but if I go outside I'm done Wish it would rain cats and dogs
You're a note sent from heaven, To this battle field in hell. I wish I could kiss you here and the worries farewell.   Every letter written carefully By a steady hand in ink.
I be sleeping while awakeGirl kiss me while I wakeMoney ain't a thingNot for the gold chainPeople go insane all for the fame
You came back changed, I don't know you anymore. You don't even know yourself anymore, where did you go? You left yourself across seas and he's scared, it's just the wounds of war.
War, meaning to bring more gain,  only to cause much more pain. Seeing the tears. Feeling the pain. Hearing the cries, the cry of war. A child, climbing out of her broken bed,
Vulnerability drips like water over your frantic orifice, Mindless mice in se ar ch of governing beings that display little attentiveness,  In no performance will the oppressed cower at the back of worded bars,
  Time rewind my past tracks,  As I hurtle towards the future.   I feel the need to fix the beat, When I cannot refuse it.   Limitations are a key confliction, Being quiet restricting,
Do not worry now my dear soldier,        my hand shall always rest upon        your broad wide shoulder. If fear courses through your brave viens        know that you will be safe.
Her eyes glistened from the tears Spilling down her face. She is forced to confront her fears, Move against her own pace.   She lost him too soon, Against her own will.
They'll look you in the eyes, "I'm different, please believe me",then they'll break you down,like mississippi in a spelling bee. You give someone your all,& tell them demonstrate what you can do.
Now all is through, the battle is over,  The en’my retreated and gone.  The faint bugle calls still heard from afar; In the distance the fifes and drums.   Nearly all is still – deathly still,
shut them out, as I suffer to breathe Where are the words? Can we talk instead of scream? My opinion remains unheard   The violent escapade  on the frigid ground, I laid he charged at me, 
Some days I imagine a field of glassendless and shimmering:whispers on the wind of the children who once playedof the women who once loved.Some days I imagine a sky of graynuclear ash
People say show your spirit I say hold your glory. However, nobody listens. They say lets fight, I say hold your ground. However, nobody listens. Now look what happened.
She makes her way around the grounds, following birds and whistling loud, she cherishes those sounds, letting her know that its all safe around.   Soon enough the peace is gone, a sudden scream,
An empty house, ancient and beautiful. Stands regally above the lowly earth. Shingles slither off, front porch steps crumble. But the house has immeasurable worth.   Inside swarm ghosts, memories of the past.
Even if only until tomorrow or even until next weekend it never gets easier.   You learn to cherish moments, memories, time. In the blink of an eye they leave.  
Strong enough to stand alone in a blitz Bombarded... Deception after deception after deception  It will never stop It will never seize It's life's cold hearted tactic made to rid of the weak.
Dark nights where pain resides No where to run, no place to hide A young child, a boy of only five A young child, a boy of only five
The sun was shining bright The morning he was alive The sun suddenly set At the time the soldier died The grass all around Is crimson with blood The child walks through With a crooked smile
A child’s eyes full of innocence and hope dreams of growing up and finding his fame A man’s eyes focus as he aims his scope as he kills men in democracie's name  
Little girl don't be so blue. I know what you're going through. Going through alot of stress and you think the whole world is against you. But that's not true. You're going through a storm,
If there were no rainbows, we would not have people quoting    that thing that people say, when they don’t know how to help         you but want you to cheer up- “everybody wants to be happy, 
We won the battle. We fought the fight. We rode in saddles Til' the end of the night.   The blood was spilled. Boys became men. Innocent tears filled. Their dads, they wouldn't see again.
love hurts so bad when you feel as if your all alone in this world and nobody cares nobody wants to know you, love hurts when everyone puts you down calls you names, love hurts when you sitting in your room alone only your thoughts to keep you com
Live, laugh, love, have freedom Walk, run, enjoy the sun Be happy, be sad, be angry, go crazy Cry, smile, hug each other Sing together Dream together Feel each other’s pain together
Words are loaded, tongues are sharp speaking bullets, missing marks conversation in crossfire tensions like we're in trenches and still this isn't the hardest part   Dropping bombs, explode, remark
Horror is an empty word Loss, Bereavement Terror, Desperation Torment all are such empty words There are no words not in English, Arabic Greek, or German to describe
“Anything war can do, peace can do better.” Then why have we been stuck in this war forever? A war against each other, a war against ourselves.
I am Shapeless. A Villian to an arching Hero. I am a Pest. A Slug. A Menace. Forget MANKIND. I am pushed. Punched,  tugged in all sorts of directions. Do I have a mind of my own? Again,
The cautious words i say, cling to your ears like clay,        Even when they hurt like needles you hear them anyway,    The efforts I make for you to feel as though you are the only one on this planet called earth, seeps into your heart like a wo
Tears, wet and salty dripping onto his shirt. Her crying, cutting into his heart. Hair, golden downy curls brushing against his cheek. Her scent, a heavenly lavender aroma forever connected with the girl in his arms.
Every morning prior to the bedlam of alarm clocks,a smile sat royally on the throne of her majestic face.One arm thoroughly rested across her abdomen,why the other searches for an abeyant lover that
We flew over glistening mountain snow inside of a lost warWar with ourselvesWar with our mindsIn a worldWith a night skyAs black as coal
Theology twisted, robbing the poor Sick religions have the saints misunderstood U.S. economy in it for self Rich stiff necked scholars still seeking knowledge But graduated from a top Ivy League college
Every minute, every hour, every day..I will stay...  Right here patiently waiting.. keeping my mind busy, as to not always think of you...
In the field, on your toes, eyes always open.Blink, you're dead.
He's one more night without his mom He wishes she could see how much he's grown The mom suffers the effects of a bomb Desperate to survive and come back home   He hasn't written to her in a while
Because we inhaled The tainted air, The air provided to us By the one above, not God But the dictator. The only leader we have known In our short lives   Because we inhaled
This world's gone crazy it seems, Everyone's wrapped up in celebrity dreams, While just down the street, another child starves, No one paying attention, drowned out by the sound of the cars,
He was mine And they took him away. They’ve already forgotten about me, About him. A flash of army green A spark of fire The sizzle of sand He was gone, They took him to a place of war
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
An indifferent, icy machine churning out masticated bones..ruptured hearts...tarnished souls.. weeping blood The red of the red white and blue carries a burden of blood Unity breaks equality
War was never my friend it is a dispute I do not understand It almost brought me to my end   Who are you brother We look fairly the same
When the morning arises and the city blooms a flower Rooted deep in the heart of man It spreads grotesquely in the light of the brightest sun Urging forward the time for murder and creation  
What is war?
He steps off the plane, He's finally home. All is quiet, No blaring guns and, Exploding bombs. The silence is unnerving.   Eighteen months away, For the first time,
The woman stood in front of the table,  her sad hands holding his flag. It's days like this that when she can't cope. She can't seem to forget the day they called, informing her of his death in battle.
Feel the adrenaline through my veins, the passion that flows through them. Master of fire and the flames, perfecting the art of how to use them. The sound of my knife on my board,
Through eons ofdestruction and death,right and wrong decisions,it all leads up to here: an endgame.
I dodge, run for cover As my fellow soldiers fall around me I escape only by the hair on my scalp Bullets swiftly streak past me Hunting, pleading for a target Bombs explode, the ground erodes
I saw youamongst thechaotic pain andblind hatredthat seeped intothe earth.The earth wecame from.I saw youwith that swordin a loosening grip.A grip that didn't
Here comes to us, at powerful speedA warrior on his valiant steedWho will never in a thousand years recedeAbout to perform a noble deedWith his majestic battle corpsWith confidence eager and secure
  An old man in an old field, weary, beaten, broken Soft breaths so shallow, so deep, whispering words seldom spoken Eyes closed, fluttering, still Blind to the field and the night's cold chill.  
Flying wingless I rip the skyGuided by voices that silent cry"Pending orders, standby, standby,Wait until there is reply.Orders received, confirm, comply,Coordinates given, received, now fly
I lived as a child. I grew with my mother's love and my father's protection. I wasn't "right" in the school's perspective of expression. I was downgraded by my words and was labeled without proof. 
Black runs like the river Mixing with the fallen red already on the ground Swirling, eerily, on the black pavement Clear drops fall, Some the pure of rain, Others heavy & laden with salt
Oh little girl, Radiation of light exudes you Hymn of twirling birds surrounds you Blooming to a new you Healthy pedals and a stem Elizabeth before queen   The big apple, eaten to the core
Social destruction, conflicts arise Pathological behavior, responsible for demise Money spent on weapons of mass destruction  Lives are lost, a significant deduction 
Taken by surprise, shock fill my veins, right here I stand, staring towards the crashed plane. How big is that hole? On that plane, one building to many souls? Aas that an accident? a possible mistake?
You said you would be my shining starLook into the night skyI know where you are
Blue. Blue the drum, pitch and pang, Steel-stain rim, resounding clang. That which stirs the thoughts and actions. Haunting sorrow, dire factions, Resounding near, far and wide.
A giant slumbers in plain sight If they knew they wouldn’t fight When they reached the limit though It was fast and they were slow The awful death soon came
History is the past reflecting to the present, past memories recorded.Sometimes it’s regarded as credible and other occasions, farfetched ideas made up distorting it; the Truth.
I was born into a world in which I don’t understand, A metaphysical dilemma portrayed as wonderland. Consistently told what to do, But we call this the “land of the free”. If these shackles weren’t holding us,
Limitations of mortal,Being dead discoveries one own ability to manifest literally,The physical plane proceeds dangerously,The Spirits of the unknown are shadowy,What is milk and watery,
She let her heavy eyes sink closed as the salty ocean air washed over her, enveloping her in it's cool embrace.With each breath, the darkness inside of her melted away. But just as quickly as it left, it returned, crawling it's
Nothing was simple, not even before.  Unanswered questions appeared at the door. For months nothing seemed to make sense anymore.  But we sang about peace, just like children.
Anticipation grips the air with unearthly forceAs the opposition stands with ready armsThe goal more than to inflict just harmAn ink laden sword holds more weight: endorse
Im surrounded by familiar faces, The choice has been made I will meet my demise, Torture is realized, life flashing before my eyes, I place the gun to my head as I begin to die.  
Kin has served World War I till now, On the battlefield for that single vow, freedom. Mundane citizens as you and I, Sign their names and legacy in the sky. Camouflaged to defend their home,
Our fathers’ dream has been realized   Here we stand, America the greatOn democracy but still not finalized,As we are ever changing, no end date
See the anger, the hate, the pain, the bodies laying where they were slain. See the blood, the guts, the gore, riots and battles from shore to shore. Set the fire,
Sweat pours down bodies in streams, Blood is caked between the toes of feet, Of the men chosen for honor redeemed.   Swords doused in red ink, Shields reflecting the suns gleam, Cry out your call,
The women come after a day of battle, With myself, of course, the forces inside me endorse me, I yell out of my mind, shouting obscenities,
SHE woke upTo EXPLOSIONSbursting her earlobes …Gun shots brought her to a state of CONFUSIONAs time SLOWED Then stoppedThunder crashing, people gasping, CHILDREN cryingWhy  must we WATCH themslowly Dying, fighting, HOPINGCalling out to a world tha
  Young men—on the brink of  legitimate adulthood—standing in a line. Guns cocked, polished shoes planted firmly on the German soil. Make us proud sons.
Tell it as it is. We have multiple ethinicities. Multiple sexualities. Multiple religions. Multiple desires. Multiple needs. Multiple looks. Multiple situations. We have one thing.
When sin overpowered, Lies broke lose, Noting on Earth Was left to lose.   (chorus) In one hour, Everything can change. In one day, Noting else will be the same. And to know
Fight through the pain now Don't give in to the night. Take your last breath while standing Let strength be your fight.   (chorus) Lock-down 'cuz we're loesing ground
We are the Best The Bravest At least that’s what is said Over and Over again Even after our Last Breath
War is a terrible monster,      it devours everything in its path,           and leaves only destruction and ruin behind. War is like a spider,      it waits for countries to become ensnared 
International relations Nations Gnashing their teeth Stomping their feet To the beat Of peace They hope to find in signed Treaties Replaced By declerations of war Stirring up unity
In a universe That exists today Inevitably will obliterate For this too shall pass away   A kingdom stretching across the sphere Authority’s on different feet
They see pain and suffering all around, And pray to ease the yolk, I see another pack of noodles, And just another bottle of Coke.   They see hypocrites and liars, Fighting for what they know is right,
Man's world unfolds fool's gold and wild vanities untold   The sake of being pious is valued at minus Ruthless is cherished as highness   Brandished guns and sharpening knives
How can you love someone you know you aren't suppose to? Yea, I'm talking about me I just don't know what to do. The love is so strong.. but it seems SO wrong. How could something that feels SO right be so wrong..
Nations that grow weeds Fall, but buds grow back again, And they bloom once more.
Young and innocent at 17 years old His life and fate stands in the hands of a man so cold Mis judgment of character and based upon looks Zimmerman took it upon hisself for the life he took.
A few million dead War ain't easy it is said Just the way it is?
Why did we let the ocean die? Why do we allow children to starve? Why is the world at war? Why can people get away with murder? Why are we running out of resources? Why are we killing the forests?
How could you fight the unknown with no remorse? When they are simply… the unknown? Like in wars, or battles How could you go about, scream and shout, over people you have never seen?
 I love you   So much That i care   About you My love for   You is   Like the love     I have  For my family    If anything Happens to you    I  will  Cry so hard
There’s a sound of broken glass, A rush of fear and the sound of dogs. Our silence is deep, But I know it won’t last.   My mother said a bad man is in charge. He wants to hurt us because we’re Jews.
TO arms my brothers and sisters.  Rise and sound the drums of war! It is time to tear down the cities built on the back of our ancestors! That thrived from their blood, sweat and tears.
Stop the crying The bleeding, shouting— I can’t sleep.   Oily unease bubbles out My knees grow heavy Throat cluttered by horror, undigested   The buildings alight across the city
My silver cloak, like molten steel,Draws swift the eyes of sons of men.If ground is sea then I am keel,And speed is well within my ken.
Trotting through the hot narrow alley, rifle on my back. My companion to my left: Richard, I think. The sound of gunfire boiling in the distance.
This is why i write, to figure things out, to question myslef, society and the world around me and ask, what drives us to madness? What is the seed planted, from which the flower blooms?
Here I Walk Alone On This Street,Not Knowing My Life Would Innocently Be Taken From Me,Why Do Us Children Have To Be So Shattered, Hard times And Hard Struggles Is What Happens In Life But,Sometimes It's Just Too Much To Continue, Trayvon Isnt A I
Long ago in the old folk’s place A boy with innocence on his face Came to knock on the gated door   The man behind it saw a child there With blue eyes and mussed blonde hair
  Dressed in army greens Brown boots, tags around his neck Finally he’s home   No trace of a smile He is very different now Finally he’s home   He was in the field
You may be overseas but you're still in our hearts We're not together now but you consume every thought There's not a day we don't wish you were here and every night is ended in prayer for you
  Shells bursting is the only din. The dirt launched up from the moist ground. My vision is blinded by the light. I must withstand. Even despite The fact that I cannot be found.  
Our world revolves around the East where some grand scheme of politics has hidden the Great Beast tame your insanity, hating right-winged skeet your battering wings pattering on innocent halo wings 
My heart shreds in two He promised to come home But who knew it was a lie   I heard the military band plays its song I felt the tears and pain from my heart
Will I swell, like the carnivorous actions of a tick?Does that make me the enemy of man?Do I hunt man?Hurt him, beat him, leave him in the destruction that is my wake?“Man”, that word it resonates with fear
Sultry black velvet skyBedazzled by the winking of starsAs soft and mesmerizing as the memory of your hands on my skin
When it's cold in the night we shall fight for our rightWe want shame to be goneFrom the land of the lightThe queen of the night is afraid of our might She teaches us the Qur'an Indeed an evil sprite
  War; what is it good for? Land mines and bombs on time P.O.W’s with their backs to the wall, Killed them all. Machine guns...
Take me back to a place worth seeing, these bleeding rafters that hold mud ceilings, we cry out to hear an echoes embrace, for dreams laying hollow among this place, Bells ring among powder's stench,
The cries of war surround common soldier as the men rush onward in excitement and yell But the opposition is fierce and men fall fast as straight as arrows Common soldier obeys
Have I smelled an onion; is there one nearby? Is the air so cold that it is causing me to start releasing water bombs? You have scarred my heart. Your mark is forever imprinted on my soul,
He took part in an act off delusion, something that he was curving for his solutions. Hypothetically speaking I gave him roses to match his questions, as his beacon. But he tries to match his words with his reasons,
Though the walls crumble around us Though our time may be but short Though a thousand more surround us And grim grows the report Will you choose to stay here? The choice is as you please
We didn't understand at first The roar that shook the earth, The roar that would tear screams from our throats And shake the fear slumbering in our souls,
They come with thunder. Footsteps shattering the Skin of the world with each Step. They stand tall over their dominion. Swathed in colors of their creed. Red. White. And Blue.
As the sphere of hours, glasses of sand, I have plenty of time forever More I sleep with my dreams of what Henceforth has idled and ceased. Stand couldn't the copious ladies
Bring out the blades, we're ready to go in the night, in the day, in the storm the enemy is all around, his darkness masked as light you'll see him only if you look, just like the Father, bright
Everyday is a battle, we wake up and arm ourselves with the fake smiles on our faces, true soldiers of love , our purple hearts sit on our sleeves, only to be broken, but trusting that our loved one won't, taking insult after insult ,hitting us li
Far in the distance A war rages Staining crimson upon the ground Battle cries of victors and the fallen With every slash and stab A soldier thinks of his family The ones he may never see again
                                                                          Clouded and faded Eyes stare from the shadows Watching you Taunting you
  That summer I had just turned nineteen Is when I saw you in shorts of camouflage green. You saw me when you were playing football with some pals
I am a voice of the shadows, Forgive my hushed tone, Because I am unknown, Unable to waste away But I am a voice unheard Day to day. No one can hear me, But I can hear everyone, Oh so clearly.
Dear God have mercy, As the soldiers deploy overseas, Think of the children, Oh God, please?
At age seven the boy's heart beats, at age twenty his heart bleeds. Died in peril, not in vein, the young man's heart feels no pain.
Steady knocks upon the doors of the town. Lest they know the reign ascending soon there, But the silence grew where once was viewed dear. They were lured away with but a gown.
The world is SPINNING OUT I have no utter doubt That history repeats itself And its happening now. Do you think for a moment That this would not happen? Warfare in the world
I don't keep the worlds histories I don't solve the worlds mysteries And I am not their story keeper I am no mans scribe. That is not my life.
A flag flying above the dry land Is tattered by bullets and ripped apart In the distance a person laying in the sand Claims no life, no breath, no heart But next to him, propped aside
Guns Knives Bombs Blood If you want this? You want to be Uncle Sams' son Heat Stench Burning flesh Hells just the begging of a war never won What they don't tell you When you become
Fought for by women and men Now knowing how or when These terrible wars will end Families broken & weak From the bravest to the meek The future unclear and uncertain Home to their loved ones or curtain
Rest now soldier your quest is put to rest Bloody wounds ache in sorrow it'll be better for you tomorrow You'll leave the battle field once in for all He's waiting to take you home soldier hear his call
Stained Laying on the cold war floor I’ve bleed red, white, and blue For you? Can this be true? America I salute you I chose to fight for you till’ kingdom come
Sorrow. The sight of a mother giving birth to a life that won’t live, ending. The wail that shattered the air. Beginning. The tears on her empty face drawn to a place that is hollow,
I came to you one humid spring night You taught me how to appreciate life, because You are death and death is all I see You are tall, dark, violent, endlessly mysterious but blatant with your lies
I don’t want to know how to win, I only want to know how to grow. We swear that the tumor only grows on the Devil, but it grows on our Land. Her soul was ripped of it’s property and we are ripped of our choice.
Bang! Bang! Like the shot heard around the world Another life lost on the curb. Once more, an innocent life unfurled.
Three words in. And what do you think I’m going to say? Tell you all my secrets... Lie and say it’s okay?
The Feared Beast
There is no peace left on this woeful, wistful world; There is no wonder we worry about wages and wars— Wars to be waged. Darkness and violence lurk at every intersection, Waiting patiently to strike—
Pain comes in wallows so follow with the swallows I breathe this fire down your back and take you to the gallows, forget you must, not love but lust and all the roads you used to trust
Along the river I did sit, Poised with pen and paper, Prepared to write the stories, The atrocities, the monstrosities That had befallen many a soldier.
Song of an Unknown Hero The war, it seems has waged its toll on me there is no sound I'd rather hear than quiet peace but only the Fates will tell when it's undone until then I will just sing this simple mortal song
Wishing away my life to die, Your one of a kind, I shall not lie. My heart is heavy from love and lust, Worth it or not, to die is a must. To gaze at your face was such a gift, Married the one, caused only rift.
Am I a bad person, for liking a man in a uniform, even though I cringe at the thought of the material giving way to daggers and silver bullets? I feel like I am. My gut.
Oh my love, why have you gone away? Gone away to another like me, Off to Jasper Lane to see Katie Rose, To hold her like you used to me, To kiss her under the bright moonlight, but Oh my love why can't you see,
And such was the day, that America died, when those who had served, fell, and protected were shunned by those who they had defended..
Do you think the politics matter? Do you think that whoever takes the big chair will determine if your family is fed tomorrow?
Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, Blood spilt on foreign soil, Yet in safety far across the sea, You mock the sacrifice for liberty.
Lay down your head and succumb to the silence It’s only hell in this asylum Hearing no whispers at night As if it is your burial site
What is War? To the average citizen, it is life and it is death To the oppressed, it is a chance to stand and fight for your rights To the blood thirsty, it's another circumstance in which to kill
Your eyes pierce through the air like An arrow forced to hit its target a mile away. Penetrating walls of air gusts in a perfect circle Not stopping for a thought.
I am hurt and worried I wonder what will happen I hear gun shots, and bombs falling I see you drop in a red, dark, world I want you to stay, but you insist to go I am hurt and worried
From the depths of hell, the Devil comes to play. It's a game where there is no use in pray. Where heroes dig their own graves. And where the brave becomes slave.
All my life I have struggled All of time I have fought Every day a new battle Every hour a new loss I'm no soldier or fighter Not a hero at all Just a person imprisoned In a mind not my own
Aware of what the future beholds, I reach a hand out into the dark beyond. Rising up from this earth, Called my grave, This translucent flesh Rots away. I realize I'm not alone;
The milling, the tilling, the toiling, the killing, for nothing more than a shilling, a shilling. Carelessly sowing, selfishly growing, fearing the gale of a harsh wind blowing, blowing.
I dreamt. with the man who had been to Vietnam speaking at school over the book he wrote about war I knew you in your light gray ARMY shirt pulled over the potbelly, would be coming to visit
The Dementor you have And the Dementor I have Have stopped us from solving Hungers from deprived ones, Diseases not worthy to spread, Revenges too unimportant to do. One day, you and I should
Fight! Never Surrender! Words of wisdom, words to live by, One must lie and cheat to save the closest of friends Red will pour into the streets, Skin will cease to feel, In the land of the dying.
They Say They say we're doing something don't they? In the news, on the radio They Say our country needs us right? right? I've been dried in a desert of tan
The army came marching at dawn, To the battlefield they were drawn, The enemy came at noon, Not wanting to get there soon. Both sides stood, waiting for a command, Muskets at the sides in their hands,
Papers litter the ground, strewn about in their haste. Drawers left open, its contents left cluttered, searched. Coffee filled the mugs, no longer hot, but frozen. Brown plants in the corner, withered from life.
When confusion sets And you lose your bets The world blinks in stone; When guardians fail And morals pale You think you're all alone. When leaders fall And sickness crawls
Ignorance is killing a man, a man with great potential. And this ignorance that I speak of, is coming down like torrential rain. There is no way to escape it, no escape plan.
(poems go here)Pain and fear washed over the night Tears rained down and blood seeped into the ground Bruises and scars flooded their hearts and weakened hope The violence erupted into a pool of never-ending pain
With the bend of a finger Another man is dead With a bend of a finger He’s been shot in his head
The fighting is hard Go into battle everyday Fighting for country
When you became a man you knew what you had to do. However it was a choice, I had no say. The day you left sure was a hard one. I remember waking up before the sun
If you look outside there is war, greed, selfishness, hunger, disease, sorrow, hate, death. If you look outside there is hope, laughter, kindness, strength, healing, joy, love, life.
Beating to the core Towards a betrayed Soul Being pushed out into a sea Of blood and grief And yet no one shows empathy to those Who inhale these deadly blows
The sun rose red above the trees As light spread across the field Cropping up across the land The shadows reluctant to yeild A man stands guard surveying, Watching out for morning's light,
When morning light cracks, my skull rattles to ear-piercing bebop saxophone Prize-fighter in the corner, crave the bell, you pitbull, crushed ankles will likely give out, useless things
Pressure Wavering strength Unknown territories Unheard of weapons of destruction Mass murders Extreme losses People in pain No one deserves this This is not sane
Whoever it was who said that war is heroic Never stood in the midst of one. Never felt the heat of a gun Or heard the CRACK of bone pierced by a hunk of lead.
Chicago shall rise again. This phrase, from ashes rose But I see a city again with flames rising high Not of fire but of hatred, racism and crime. A Chicago whose politicians are varied
Angels, as it is said, are here to protect, To save us from pain, suffering and neglect. My angels are here, on earth, across the sea, Fighting for my country, for you and for me.
I don't understand why the world is filled with violence or why people hurt others. I don't understand why innocent men, women, and children are killed when they had so much potential
I wrote you a letter but you never replied And something was loosed inside of my mind You can take a chance and call it independence But you’ll be gone before your time
I am from the heart of the world from war and peace I am from the dragons blood and from the lions heart I am from the pines and the woods whose strong and alive I am from the sea and the desert
My conclusion, revolution, only solution Government pollution, prostitution, no given restiution Conisistent years of slavery, soliders die from bravery Veterans don't get the respect for what they get paid to see
Im about to get to writing Tired of the wars and the fighting I’m ready to make a change Underage, strike like some lightening Tired of dividing They just wanna conquor More interested in Jersey Shore
If anything is free in love and war then you and I will always soar to the sky and then beyond together forever and even more who knows how long this bloom will last but to know means that it went to fast
Countless words are left unspoken, Tiny children’s hearts are broken. The moon is faultless, bright as day, Whispers are heard from miles away People lye silently, afraid to die,
One brain for admission Two to commence the submission Three for a laugh track Four the media is out of whack Bashing is on my resume You want my soul, how much will you pay
The Hike: The sun is shining, but your sight is bleak. Stepping over stiff’s, as if they are a pieces of dog crap on the side of the shallow creek.
Twinkle, twinkle little star How I wonder what you are -Limbs filled with bruises and scars  Tears run, Blood flows….. Who said it can grant wishes? Up above the world so high
The roses are bloody The violets are brown The people are dying Because of the crown The King has no power When next to the Queen She orders the kills And looks out on the scene
The people celebrate, The bells ring loud, dancing one every street, what a marvelous crowd. The politicians jest, reelection assured, with their very signatures, the nation secured.
Prisoner of war, with brothers not found, to your servitude we are forever bound. Your strength we admire, for it is not abound in the men and women at home safe and sound.
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I look right and left. To find my surroundings sky high of bodies, and I wonder why. Far off into the distance, I can see it, The Resistance.
In one minute many things can happen choices are made deals are done decisions are reached and life changes irreparably
The knives serve as reflectors tonight I watch the moon’s transitions imagining you sleeping elsewhere under the same stars
Fear grips chests as sound explodes Hands shield ears the best way they know how and adrenaline spikes ur blood Fight or flight kicks in but ur mind was already convinced there was a fight to be had
Forgetting is the fire that burns down the building It is the one drink that flips the car Forgetting is the trigger on a double barreled shot gun A tec9 A rifle And a pump action shot gun
Two or more people disagree Both want something Leaders want to fight They gather thousands of troops
I dreamed I was a monk, I dreamed I was a man, I dreamed I was everywhere— everywhere became what I am.
I have seen things in war, child p l e a s e all long and strangely broken in the middle M o m m a the same
Sets of eyes watching you
rain falls in a tear-like way pouring words we dare not say. when Glory’s gone and Pride’s away, Sin and Grief are all that stay.
You know that girl you talk about? The one that raises her little sister. Her mom is fighting in the army. You know that man you tease behind his back? The one with a missing leg. He lost it in battle to defend his country.
Why so much killing, from north to south, from east to west? Why so much pain that no one should endure? Why so much sadness, we cry ourselves to sleep?
Raging under a constant turmoil Dealing with concepts so foreign What are the Taliban, ak-47s, and fear? As a child I did not understand these things. Please Dad, come home.
Only one answer. Why so much killing, from north to south, from east to west? Why so much pain that no one should endure? Why so much sadness, we cry ourselves to sleep?
I want to feel how i did that day. in the late nights of may. I striped of the meat of chickens. to barbque the meats. Then I removed the feets. I made good late night meals.
Her piercing charisma inadvertently negates my indomitable fortification like an oblivious butterfly mocks the opulent structures of man by its evanescent fluttering.
No surgery Lost limbs Give a leg Then ask of him, Restore my sight With nothing to hide
A green meadow sprawls out before you, a crystal blue stream slicing it perfectly like a knife through butter, dots of yellow alight themselves on the tops of the grass, winking at you in the wind,
My name is Missy and I am the Red Rider, In other words, I am War.
(So many years in this, Everyday I’ve lived to kill But when one of my brothers fall Another war has begun.
The wings of the chopper beat steadily, increasing adrenaline As the heroic troops creep stealthily, gunshots are fired and Its as if each step taken is a step closer to danger.
I’ve got a noose around my neck, And a fire outside my door. I’m about to dangle in my distress I’m on the 107th floor. They say: Stay there, we’re coming. We’ll be there soon and,
Actinic gargles and burps from laboratories, Their chimneys smoking out lethal heat, Lashing the winds with acidic whips, Inside boil synthetics neat, Green enough to melt your meat,
The valleys and hills, tumbled and tall, With ants that scurry up the wall. The red ants march, bold and pride, While the black ones live in lies. Castles built under the ground
A story about my Uncle Sam who doesn't seem to get enough money, and it's hurting every single person out there.
Support. Strength. Faith. The belief in a better future. Keys to action. Keys to reaction. A dream. A leader. A desire. Keys to revolution. Keys to change.
Shush, don’t say a word, just let it happen The boot doesn’t hurt that much, and it’s cleaner then people make it sound. It’s easier just to let things happen. Right?
This word burns as it rolls off my tongue ,i can feel my ancestors being whipped as the 'r' forms on my lips i can hear the cries as soon as the 'a' drops out my mouth ,this word hold so much power it hold the tears of my genealogy it's been the
I love when our eyes collide, and the time afterward when the awkwardness subsides, I gaze into the blaze of your iris Inside, where truth lies
America would not be America, Culture would not be Culture, And half of us would not Be here, Without Our Civil Rights.
Do not disregard me, for I am still the same brother with which you stand in arms with. Forming chains to stand against the infringement of rights and ineqaulity, alike. Every day and every night, we rally for the same end.
Men killed in battle on a sweltering day Fighting for our freedoms, no matter what we say Killing ruthless terrorists There is no such thing as rest For our men and for our leader.
I was judged before I even came out my mother's womb I was counted out and scorned despite my inner beauty All thanks to Jim Crow Thanks for your ridiculous laws based upon my ethnicity
(poems go here) Not in a thousand years did I think I'd find someone so utterly and completely perfect, Someone who makes me feel safe and someone I will protect,
Clink...Clink...Clink Can you hear them? Clink...Clink...Clink Can you see them? Clink...Clink...Clink Can you feel them? Those chains That everlasting bondage that keeps us unchanged
To control your slaves, make them hate each other, And guaranteed, they will continue to for the next hundreds of years or even thousands. Has slavery really been abolished?
The world is on fire Amongst all the lies should we give into desire? For what do they yearn leaders so greedy can they not see us burn?
As I walk down the street I see children playing innocence. They don't care about you're race, gender, or difference acceptance.
During a horrific war That divided our country in two Abraham Lincoln freed all African Americans From their chains of bondage
It's like this so quickly we miss what things we try to remember the things we have forgotten and so I look on over the lives of those age has forgotten
Greater peril awaits thee if a choose to fight for us For I am not liked – my natural devil formed in birth. So they say.
Welcome to this place Where judgment is our game We'll chew you up and spit you out You'll never be the same.
Under one roof in a thousand years A girl will draw what she sees What was once green was now the opposite of plenty The nations had squabbled from the East to the West Each wanting more for the people they blessed
Beckoned by a lingering tale, Told countless times before She held her hand across her heart, And heard his words once more. The silence in the morning air Hung tightly like a shroud,
As we walk into the line of fire Memories start running through our heads Some of us remember playing with our kids Others seem to recall when they themselves were kids
You see her She’s 16 The prodigal age The year of first love and heartbreak, obstacles and triumph She reads to escape unpleasant realities She writes to express deepest desires
I am so torn Like aborted babies that aren’t born Separated and thrown into a furnace To be burned up because of people’s purpose To reign as kings, Though he called them gods Little g’s
I’m sick of these family ties holding me back, And if I ever tried to leave you’d be right there to put me right on track. Chastise me and ridicule me for everything I lack. Ask me how I am I’ll lie and say I’m grand.
A droplet drips down Ruby red and perfect Falling from the wound Of the fallen man Lifting his head He tries to stand But, alas, he can't He is a fallen man
A river runs red Blood soaks into the ground Aided by the rain Corpses litter the field Bodies with faces Life lights their eyes no more What's that young man's name? No one is sure
My Dear Love, I don't mean to be crude But I feel it my duty To tell my story to you If you could be so bold To not shed a tear I will be in your heart always Fighting with your fears
There it is, in their eyes When they look up into the once torn skies They see what we hope to never see Lurking in shadows but praised with pleas Battle torn fields and red smoke filed nights
Thought to be a normal plain Jane day Cali, Columbia in beginning of May, uprooted and thrown like a weed in the garden. Squealing sounds derived from son’s mouths, waiting to be told we’re moving out.
Rain slithers along my body, Mixing in with the blood seeping through my wounds, Smoke filling my lungs as I make a run for the forest, Bushes consume me, Soil soaking up crimson, Droplets staining the grass,
Have you head the news today, If only we could close our eyes and wish it all away, slowly our world is drifting out into the fray, you must promise that you will stay, we fight all these battles, but can you tell me who has won?
Words are hard to find, When you are overwhelmed with emotion. It seems so hard to process A soldier’s love and devotion. Fighting for our country without a second thought. Their families left behind,
She refuses to be here, yet she doesn’t want to leave Her heart has sewn itself onto her sleeve As she fights to keep her emotions inside,
Hunger, starvation What I wouldn’t give for the sensation Good, bad, any feeling would suffice Or, better yet, to sleep forever would be nice For longer than I care to remember I have been numb
Don’t, Don’t Can’t, Won’t You’ve used every excuse more than once But I won’t forget My vow above all Against you I promise to bear a grudge Is it right? Is it rational? I don’t care
A battle scene, A terrible war. Does this seem familiar? Has it happened before? In the midst of the battle, Both sides losing ground; At the same time, on each side, A man is hit down.
The gentle rocking of a heavy metal coffin rocks her to sleep Instead of the pleasant beat of her child’s heart.
His heart stained the floor a dull red, While his breaths escaped under his bed. Valiantly he fought the war but wound up dead, Although the war was only inside his head. Swords clashed; dragons spit fire.
I will salute ! But I will not shoot ! In war we hear soldiers Roar their last words And shooting was they last verbs
The screams of bullets pierce the sky, As sounds of suffering resound across the night. The little boy with the gun wondering "Why?" Stands in the middle of this agonizing sight.
It's complex and growing, alive A breathing thing That was suffocated for many years Cut with words Lacerations deep from childhood wounds But growing: through days together, drives for errands
As blood sprays the ground, I stand, Gun in hand. All I see is death; Now that I’m here, I am in this war.
Do not put down my ideas, Just because you do not agree; Do not shun me, Just because you refuse to see; Do not attack me, Just because our thoughts differ from each other;
The truth lies the best. For example, Your textbook says he died as a challenger of the lady giant, welcomed to the American Coliseum, but sir, that is not quite the case. He died
I hold in my hand, a world of peace, A world that’s filled with love. Where thoughts of war have fully ceased, When classmates won’t fight, push or shove.
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