A War On War


The paddng of boots and storms of dry dust
Droplets of sweat brushed of bare backs in gusts

The breath of the sun brings the warmth of dry weather
Each wisp of a breeze carries smells of new leather

Each step of a boot tosses earth in the air
Barracks overflow with the talks of warfare

The roar of the engines echo into the night
As the soldiers set out to be brave and to fight

Mud covered faces hide silently in long grass
The rumblings of tanks vibrate the ground as they pass

Broken glass doused in blood clings to the cold, barren earth
Smells of decaying bodies suffocate the mirth

Bullets slicing the air and the brain bursting scream
Of the explosions of bombs and the death that they bring

Eyes of a child roll into her blood soaked head
And all is covered with marred bodies of the dead

The loved ones of the brave hold their breaths in trepidation
Suspense grips the air and spreads like the black plague through the nation

The hum of the engine sings lugubriously as it nears
A salute, solemn nods, and then the rivers of tears

Others' soldiers come home, tears of joy, sweet embraces
But the horrors of war stll harden lines on their face

When the shot have ceased and the ears are still ringing
Then come the sleepless nights and hearts that loose feelings

First, it's self-inflicted pierces of bullets in fear
Second, men without limbs, third, the voices some hear

And the poison of war trickles through everyone's veins
From death and insanity, to acid that rains

So if one thing should change in this sad, broken world
Free us of excruciating bloodshed; free us of War.




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