Hate War


War; what is it good for?

Land mines and bombs on time

P.O.W’s with their backs to the wall,

Killed them all.

Machine guns...

Murder just for fun

Black sun,

And fiends with loaded magazines.

Accidental battles,

Unnecessary evil

And the wounded left...

...for dead.

Untold screams of horror.

The rich getting richer

And the poor getting poorer.

Army wife with half a life.

Political lies and broken ties.

Have you ever stopped and thought...

...what you’re fighting for?

Is this all just a hate war?

Or is it something more?

Just some peace, at the very least.

No, not a cease fire,

don’t make me into a liar.

Can’t we all get along?

And sing a happy song.

And end this hate war.

And end this hate war.


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