Doings of Man

Life once created a soul

with mighty dreams and hopes

Yet it only took a man

to destroy it

with foolish words


Earth once built an ocean

with vast depths and estuaries

but the ambition of one man

turned it into a trading sea


History once made a fortress

with gorgeous stones and mighty walls

but man with unsatisfied desire

destroyed it by using war


The world once produced nature

with vast amounts of species and mysteries

but mans' greed for expansion

has made from great wonders

plain breeds


Knowledge once wrote a book

full of lessons and advice

but man full of myths and fables

corrupted wisdom with lies


The world once created governments

to maintain control and serve justice

but man aching for recognition

want to be served rather than to lead


Life once created humans

to be an example in this world

but due to humans' great ambition

altering everything is what we have done.







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