W: We

A: Are

R: Retaliating


We are tired of seeing our kind shed blood.

Restless from falling tears and sleepless nights as images and thoughts take over our minds;

Yet they refuse to acknowledge our cry.

1,000+ the past two years compared to 5,

So “devastating”..“hasn't been this bad since 9/11”.

But that's just it.

Portraying how the innocents dying by the hands of our “protectors” is normal.

Someone please help me understand.

How they can live with blood on their hands?

Not even taking the chance

To think twice

Think about our sacrifice

Our black men

Children, wives, mothers

Fatherless, widows, son•less

And now our community rests in fear

Accompanied by anger and sadness

A sadness deeply rooted in our souls & spirits

Because age no longer matters

Whether you’re 12 or 43

Your blood, your life is stamped somewhere on the pavement

But hear me now

Violence reciprocating violence

Leads to destruction

Even if the fight gets hushed

A match will spark this flame again

So let's use our voices

And shout out our haunting chants

And use prayer, mass prayer as our defense.

And may our bodies be used to march on

And may our feet stand firm in this from night until dawn.

  • L.G., a 17 years young black lady.

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My country
Our world
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