Tell Me Why

Tell me why, Oh tell me how,
We made it through.
I remember the shots, the bombs,
The destroyed, desolate blocks.


In my mind plays a scene, tragedy.
Burning flesh and bitter tears
Of black which fall on that red sea;
However, our interet is of another black.


“Smack!” “Smack!” “Pull it together!”,
They say to me. Pursed lips of
Complaisance are forced on mine.
As I follow suit and stay in-line.


I am shown images of evil: dismemberment,
Explosions, all endeavors Medieval.
But as I storm into battle I see not
Strong faces who would kill wontly.


Limp-lipped lips, quivering on people
Who beg for mercy.
As I remember those people fall, listless,
I wonder, “who really is the terrorist?”

This poem is about: 
My country


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