No Boundaries

Tue, 09/24/2013 - 15:47 -- maymist


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Live, laugh, love, have freedom

Walk, run, enjoy the sun

Be happy, be sad, be angry, go crazy

Cry, smile, hug each other

Sing together

Dream together

Feel each other’s pain together

We are all unique individually

No matter what race or religion we are

Some of us are optimistic

Some of us are out of control

Some of us are very emotional

Maybe even a tiny bit depressed

But all together we are one

All together we make life exciting

Play, work, and fix problems together

Go on dates and be romantic

Feel your heart’s desire coming true

Morph into one another

All becoming one person together

Sharing secrets and giving advice

Supporting each other in any fight

Fighting for peace and for joy

Trying to end the devastation that began long ago

Reaching out, yelling out,

Trying to give hope to world in destruction

Trying to find what remnant of life there is left

Praying together and for each other

And being with one another

A family to cherish now and forever

Through good and bad

Bonds that are strong

Friendships that go on

Time that flies by and everyday ending in darkness

With only the moon and stars to light up each night

Days start with a single sunrise

Shining such beautiful light

And everything else falls into place

Yet no one knows what a day may hold

No one knows if they’ll live to tomorrow

It’s all unexpected

We all face the inevitable

There are no boundaries

To this world or anyone at all

There are no limits to what people can do

There are no walls to dreams and emotions

No boundaries to anything at all….

For life is unexpected….


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