Military Love


He's one more night without his mom

He wishes she could see how much he's grown

The mom suffers the effects of a bomb

Desperate to survive and come back home


He hasn't written to her in a while

He wishes he could tell her how much he cares

She opens the letter with a smile

How could he not know they are the perfect pair?


The children miss their daddy dearly 

His cheesy jokes and his funny laugh

The laugh for his children shines quite clearly

Without them, his heart splits in half


They are both lovers off at war

Who have silently sworn to protect one another

One day she will be waiting by the church doors

To place a ring on her significant other


They were insperable till they hit a dead end

She was relocated to another navel base

She'd do anything to get back to her best friend

To be back in the arms of her warm embrace


Military love comes in all shapes and sizes

The distance between two souls can be quite complicated

But the love expands and brings many suprises

And no matter what, true love always rises


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